Digital Entrepreneur Jane Lucier on What Success Means to Her

If you weren’t already aware, Jane Lucier is a force to be reckoned with. Jane is a digital entrepreneur and popular influencer who has climbed her way to the top of the entertainment industry. From a young age, she supported herself through this competitive industry and ultimately reached financial freedom through her strategic investments in stocks and real estate.

While her growing social media presence and rising annual salary is quite impressive, Jane emphasizes that her greatest successes in life have nothing to do with a paycheck or number of followers.

“We all have different definitions of success. In my opinion, success is a process. A subjective experience. It’s not a what, but a how. A success cannot be compared nor quantified.  What a success is for one is not necessarily the same for another,” Jane reflects.

In other words, we choose what we give meaning to. In a capitalist society, people that are making money are considered successful. In that line of thought, I’d say that becoming financially independent by the age of 21 is one of them. Being able to not have to work and to have the interests of my investments covering my basic needs and expenses. But being financially free certainly does not guarantee happiness.

To Jane, being successful means having the ability to live life under your own terms and conditions. To do what you want, when you want. To live a happy and balanced life. To have the freedom of choice. A successful person is someone who chooses to be grateful for everything they have and still consistently works towards bettering themselves and their life in every aspect. Jane realized this at a young age, and it has helped her develop a foundation for success early on.

“Considering everything that I went through, I am proud that I have always developed positive defense mechanisms to help me go through difficult times,” she says.

“That I decided to live my life under my own terms instead of following the masses. That I am living my truth and am who I really want to be. That I am independent. Doing what I am passionate about. Being in harmony with myself. Being able to achieve goals. Being surrounded by people I can count on and that I connect with on a deeper level. Having as many positive memories with the people you care about is what life is truly about,” Jane passionately stated.

This mindset of viewing success through the lens of happiness and fulfillment instead of monetary value is a substantial part of what has helped Jane get to where she is today. According to Jane, mindset is everything. She believes that people still underestimate how the mind has a direct effect on everything else that surrounds them.

Someone can change their whole life if they want to, starting by changing what they are thinking and how they are thinking. Someone’s internal dialogue and beliefs can cause them happiness and/or harm.

Jane chose to think positively and work diligently for the life she has now. She is extremely passionate about her career, and she continues to prove herself across all channels of her work. At just 21 years of age, Jane has had months in which she earns six-figures, but the young star does not view this as a victory.

Instead, she is constantly researching how she can multiply her earnings to create a better life for herself and loved ones, as well as those less fortunate throughout the world. It’s safe to say Jane still has a long, lucrative, and even more successful career ahead of her. We can’t wait to see what this talented, young entrepreneur has in store.

Readers can keep up with Jane Lucier on her Instagram and website.

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