Digital Entrepreneur Shreyansh Gupta : One of the Youngest Social Media Marketer

The Indian youth is a miraculous lot. They are smart, talented, dedicated, and most importantly they have integrity.

Today we illustrate one such shining example of Indian youth who is inspiring the rest of the youth to keep forging ahead!

Teenage digital entrepreneur Shreyansh Gupta is one of the Youngest Social Media Marketers in the country along with being the CEO and Founder of DevelopXmedia, a digital marketing company.

A marketing expert, social media strategist, influencer, and content creator, Shreyansh set forths a complete arsenal of digital marketing skills. His experience in the field, his technical know-how, and especially the element of innovation and surprise he brings to the digital marketing field are impeccable.

The fact that he is so young also helps him in reaching out to the millennials and the genZs in a way that speaks to them on a personal level.

Starting out on the path of digital

Unlike kids nowadays, Shreyansh wasn’t a typical genZ. He didn’t really have many technological luxuries. But it was his will and dedication to learn about the digital world that helped him power through.

His journey into the digital world started out with his first blog that he started out on at the age of 14. It wasn’t exactly easy for a 14-year-old guy to write a whole blog, much less create a blog website, but he kept the hustle-mode on and kept finding out new things and tools that could make the process a bit simpler.

It was a long process of 1-2 years after which he finally began to see results with his blog. In the meantime, he had also developed several digital skills such as web development, app development, and content creation.

Over the next several years he kept on learning new things, and finding out about the latest technologies being used in the marketing field! (yes marketing was a new passion for him at the time)

Much like other kids his age, he was also engaged very much on social media platforms but unlike others, he was majorly interested in the marketing prospects of these platforms.

By the age of 18, he had dealt with many online social media clients and had acquired many marketing skills.

By then he was working only as a freelancer but he decided to move things to the next level and thus established DevelopXmedia, his own digital marketing company.

Having a company at the age of 18

Shreyansh is currently 20 and although it has been only around 2 years since he founded the company, it has been more than 6 years since he has been working in the digital marketing field.

His experience is often reflected in his efficiency and the way he handles marketing projects.

Up till now in the entirety of his marketing career, he has dealt with more than 10k clients and has completed more than 50k orders yet.

The sheer volume of his clientele base is due to his own ability to over-exert himself and his efficient workaround of time constraints.

Although being that young he does sometimes get wrapped up in the technicalities of handling a company but in moments like this, all he really needs to do is turn his hustle-mode on.

In his own words, “he is obsessed with being obsessed about learning new things” (the double ‘obsessed’ was intentional!)

Future Goals And Ambitions

Shreyansh is now looking forward to expand his company and move ahead in the direction of digital marketing. He envisions creating campaigns that could last a lifetime, campaigns that could leave an unending imprint on the digital world.

Personal branding is, in his belief, a very important aspect for any company and the current online scenario makes it extremely easy to create an ever-lasting personal brand, albeit the only condition being, thinking out-of-the-box.

He is also looking forward to teach the next generation of digital entrepreneurs his ways of moving ahead in the marketing field. His initiatives in that direction would soon be put into motion, according to him.

Apart from marketing, he is also an active trader, dealing in stocks, cryptocurrencies etc.

The moving numbers and the battles between the bulls and the bears is in his words, “a complicated dance of monetary assets”

His advice to all digital marketing aspirants is, “The game is ever-changing. If you really want to keep standing then go with the flow and keep learning to adapt”

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