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Discover how Self-Made Businessman, Keenan Williams,.Scaled up the Ladder of Success

Like every child, Keenan had dreams of reaching his utmost potential and experiencing the best that life had to offer. But sometimes, being born without a silver spoon can be a limiting factor to achieving these dreams. However, this was not the case for Keenan Williams because he refused to allow terrible financial situations originating from childhood to affect his journey to success.

While growing up, young Keenan wanted to do anything that would make him productive. He applied his talents to rap music and skills in sports as well. However, he dropped out of school because he had a child at an early age. Even before the age of 18 years, Keenan had started hustling to provide for his family. At a point in his life, he sold shoes at an outlet and worked a night job too. He said;

I used to work at Sketchers on a salary of $8 an hour, selling shoes to people. At the same time, I doubled at night to work on some jobs.”

In the process of his struggles, Keenan met Olivia, who he later married. She contributed immensely to his success, and she helped him become a purpose-driven man.

In 2015, Keenan and Olivia took on publicity and ad posting for brands and businesses. At this point, Keenan Williams became serious with affiliate marketing, and after working on several niches, he teamed up with a skincare company.

Soon, Keenan began living fine with his family, earning thousands from his business, and moved out of the neighborhood. However, things came crashing down when the company refused to stop paying Keenan for his services. After months of frustrating efforts, Keenan dared the odds and began his skincare company, KO Elixir.

He upgraded his skills, acquired more knowledge about this niche, and experienced business growth.

I found a skincare product that was bringing me some revenue to leave the hood. One day, they stopped paying me and stopped my income. That was when I started my own skincare company. I generated $1 million in sales within my first six months and touched $3 million by the end of the year. Now, I am an 8-figure entrepreneur with so much to gain,” Keenan said.

He further added:

“I knew what I wanted to do, and that was to create a great stretch mark reduction cream that my customers will love. I had to work twice as hard and research even more to acquire the knowledge.”

Ever since Keenan achieved business success, he always wants to impact other aspiring entrepreneurs and transfer his knowledge in the best possible way. This led him to create a business and marketing program, “Skip to 7 figures”, where he teaches the steps and rudiments to become top entrepreneurs for only $60/mo. So far, his program has created several millionaires and business owners.

To register for the business program, the platform’s link is Also, you can look up KO Elixir and shop for products at

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