Divij Vaswani on How He Made Division Media a Forerunner in the Influencer Marketing Business

Division Media CEO and founder Divij Vaswani is undeniably an authority when it comes to influencer marketing as his company leads the industry steadily by closing phenomenal deals for popular influencers Jake and Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and Adin Ross. Successfully facilitating the deals and closing brand partnerships for several well-loved online influencers has made him the go-to person for effective collaborations, servicing big brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Gymshark, Bluechew, and MyBookie, among others. 

Divij developed his influencer marketing agency after graduating from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. He designed the agency to be an industry leader when it comes to creating entertaining and highly converting content. As CEO of Division Media, he has grown it consistently and now has more than fifteen employees in its Los Angeles headquarters. He once worked as an executive assistant at Motown Records, making $10 to 15 an hour. The idea of creating his agency came to him while watching a video of Mike Majlak on YouTube, who was dating Lana Rhoades, a famous former adult film star. He then came up with the idea of connecting a Viagra pill brand with Mike. Within 72 hours after reaching out to Bluechew, Divij contacted Mike with an offer, and the rest became history. 

This 2021, the influencer marketing industry is expected to grow into a $13.8 billion business. And for Divij, there is no better time than now to be at the forefront of things. As an effective mediator between influencers and brands, Divij and his team make sure that the brand gets to experience a strong online performance. The influencer, on the other hand, ought to be well-compensated for their hard work and creative ideas in promoting the brand. By facilitating these deals, Divij guarantees that both parties remain happy, satisfied, and protected. 

Divij and his team also ensure the wise spending of the clients’ budgets. Alongside this is making sure that influencers get to monetize their content. Over the years, Divij has built strong relationships with influencers from all over the world who are willing to put in the work needed for clients that he brings in. His influencer marketing strategies have allowed him to assist brands in unlocking the far-reaching potential of various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch, to mention a few. 

Some of the successful partnerships Divij facilitated include Mike Majlak for Bluechew and MyBookie, Jake Paul for MyBookie, Ace Family for Hybe.com, and Faze Banks for MyBookie. What makes Divij a favorite mediator among popular influencers is his understanding that influencer marketing is a 24/7 business, and making himself available all the time to attend to his clients’ needs is an advantage he loves doing for the business.  

Division Media is also well-known for its non-negotiable values, including diversity and inclusion. When looking for the perfect influencer to promote a particular brand, these two attributes are always on top of the list. Divij is currently planning to mount a huge live influencer event to connect with millions of fans and brands from all over the world. Staying several steps ahead of the game is a priority at this point as he continues to be a trendsetter in influencer marketing. 

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