Divy Ashwinbhai Trivedi Took A Pledge To Serve The Best Towards The People Of Nation

If you’re not aware about Divy Ashwinbhai Trivedi then you’re surely missing out on a vital person who has dedicated his living to serve the nation. He’s a common man who looks at the world with a different vision.

Divy is the only name that comes to one’s mind in Gujrat and Gandhinagar for women empowerment projects, social services, Swacch Baharat Abhiyaan, Mega Brahmin Business Summit 1 & 2, helping Widows to set up their bank account by helping them gain the benefits under the Widow Pension Sahay Yojana and many more things.

Trivedi’s work has turned quite a few heads and has received pat on the back for being a dynamic change for the country. Some of his achievements include; Youth Icon of the year, National Pride Award, National excellent youth Award, State Youth Award. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi too has used him as an example in his rally.

Trivedi isn’t leaving a chance to make the world a better place to live in and has dedicated his life selflessly towards the people and the nation as he knows how to find the extra in the ordinary.

This man looks wants our country to be on the top in every aspect and has envisioned it already looking at the brilliant minds of today’s generation.

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