DJ Nicky Rizz’s Ecstatic Track ‘Ay Papi’ Has Lit Up the Edm Scene

Electronic Dance Music is best enjoyed at a rave or in a club but that has not been possible lately. DJ Nicky Rizz has kept the scene alive and people are enjoying his new tracks even when at home. His first ever single ‘Ay Papi’ got a blissful welcome in not one but several parts of the world after it was released in July 2020.

What’s best about this song is the fact that it focusespurely on sensational beats. When making the song, Nicky had his focus on making each beat count. He carefully set the beats per min just right so that dancing to the song comes naturally.

Nicky Rizz has his roots in Staten Island, New York where he started DJing at the ripe age of 12 years. His raw talent was refined under the mentorship of DJ Camillo. Nicky was later made a part of DJ Camillo’s group named Heavy Hitters. It was all due to his determination to art and exceptional skills.

In all the two minutes and thirty seconds of ‘Ay Papi’, DJ Nicky Rizz delivers an EDM experience that is rich in every sense. He even dared to drop the vocals he had prepared for the song in the first place. Instead, he decided that the listeners should focus on the immersive beats. His wise decision paid off when the song was played as a party anthem in more than 80 countries, especially in South America.

‘Ay Papi’ is from the Guaracha genre that originated in South America. That explains its massive success not only in the US but also in Latin American countries. Nicky Rizz released the song in drastic international conditions back in July last year.

He knew that his song would not get played in a club for some time but still decided to make it. The reason behind this was to send a meaningful message to his fans and the EDM community. Nicky wished to give everyone something to enjoy while staying at home. Adding energetic beat drops to the track was an attempt at getting their spirits high.

DJ Nicky Rizz is no stranger to large crowds dancing to his music in front of him. A year ago, when everyone partied together, he sold out ‘Mister East’ in Jersy, DAER in Atlantic City, and WALL in Miami. Once everything is back to normal, he has his eyes set on performing on the internationally renowned event ‘Tomorrowland’, where his fans from all around the world will be able to ‘know the vibes’ he’s packing.

Playing ‘Ay Papi’ and ‘Ay Mami’ in front of such a huge crowd after such a long time will surely be an electric experience for Nicky. The track has already had an amazing response on all music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Play, and Spotify. Nicky Rizz always stays in touch with the new music trends and his fans so that he knows just the right thing to cook up.

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