DJ PositiveVibes Takes a New Approach by Spreading Good Energy

She’s taking her career to a new level.

As we get closer to the end of this year, we can look back on the positive things the music industry has brought during the quarantine. One of the highlights of this year has been DJ PositiveVibes beginning her career in the electronic music scene. With this, she’s brought on an infectious positive attitude that is heard through her music and so far, has inspired many.

Most artists often become self-centered due to the constant spotlight being on them, but DJ PositiveVibes has been quite the opposite. Starting from a seasoned entrepreneur to now embarking on a musical journey, DJ PositiveVibes knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the spectrum. For her business clients, she would always teach them to promote themselves in a way that would attract the audience’s attention. Now using her own advice, she is making the type of music that she thinks her fans would enjoy which has garnered her success thus far.

Another way DJ PositiveVibes has been able to succeed is with her background prebuilt audience. For many years DJ PositiveVibes has been a self-help coach serving Instagram by helping others reach various levels of success. Each day she would post motivational content to her page where she inspires her millions of followers. Using her already built audience, she has been able to transfer a portion over to her music. DJ PositiveVibes music was received well at this point due to her nicely built reputation.

Now with only 4 releases under her belt, DJ PositiveVibes is just warming up for the next season to come. Already she has gained thousands of monthly listeners which would be impressive for any veteran DJ. The fact that DJ PositiveVibes has gained such a quick following can only be explained by her attitude. Her new fans notice something different about PositiveVibes and naturally gravitate towards her and her sound.

Begging on the other side of the music industry has been the best thing that happened to DJ PositiveVibes. With this, she has been able to see what the music industry has been lacking and provide the solution. She now makes music with the intent to lift up and inspire others which has been her best-selling point. Will this all packaged up with an advanced business background, DJ PositiveVibes is well on her way to the top.

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