Douglas James is Here With his Advertising Techniques to Help People to Grow Their Business

Douglas James is one of the most hard-working people of this century whose mind is flooded with simple techniques by which one can grow their business. Till now this person has trained and coached over 1,500 entrepreneurs. He trains one on how to acquire, retain and service amazing clients, so they can finally experience how to keep on increasing their earning potential.

By using Facebook Ads, he helps the local businesses to achieve their goals.  He helped many poor communities in 2015, as he was on a humanitarian mission. He has been doing military duty for over 10 years now.

Douglas’s daily life is very productive, as a morning person he wakes up around 5 Am and after that, he drinks a cup of black coffee with some MCT oil. He writes three goals that must be completed by him anyhow.  He meditates for 10-15 minutes and hits the gym for an hour and a half as he loves to do cardio. He listens to audiobooks that give the summary of 100 or 1000 pages in a book, it helps him to know the golden lines of each book.

Douglas says, “I’m very selfish with that time because for the rest of the 18 hours in the day, I need to be able to show up for my daughter, for my wife and for my business and my employees and obviously my customers and clients”. He loves doing physical activities before starting his day.

Douglas didn’t know what he was doing at the beginning, he was totally clueless about the process of the work he was doing, he started to put effort and to learn about his work world, gradually he became a master in it and today he runs a successful education company and a market agency. Nothing happens overnight, one has to put effort and all their brain into the work they are doing.

With failures slowly you will get small achievements that will turn into big ones. He is planning on expanding his scope to online coaching to help others. Consistency is the key to every success and Douglas James has himself applied all these tips to his own life.

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