Dr. Arjun Reddy’s Healthier Approach to Life

Young and dynamic social media influencer Arjun is a fitness freak. Fitness has been something that was always in check for Arjun. Owing a large number of followers on his social media because of his knowledgeable content, Dr. Reddy has set his foot in the fitness industry revolutionizing fitness with his thoughts.

Born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh and being an all rounder student, Arjun’s only goal in life was becoming a successful doctor. Though Arjun got admitted to one of the prestigious medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh, but unfortunately due to the sudden demise of his father he was compleletly broken from inside.

But despite of these adversities he passed with flying colours and got his MBBS degree. He served as a CMO for three years in Kerala while simultaneously preapring for his post-graduation, after completing his MBBS. Afterwards, he pursued his PG in DNB Family Medicine at Lourdes Hospital, Kochi.

Arjun Reddy is an well-settled doctor and a known social media influencer at present. He owns an Instagram page eathealthywitharjun with the tagline ‘Beyond Nutrition’ with over 36K organic followers.
Doctor Arjun Reddy says “Health is the key to everything”. Being in the nutrition world he changed his lifestyle and many others too. There was a point where even he was struggling with his fitness so he chose to take the matter into his own hands.

Discovering his drastic weight gain, he made up his mind for a complete physical transformation that left people awestruck which ultimately led him venture into social media as an influencer that inspire people to be the healthier version of themselves.

Though there are a plethora of infuencers and brands related to health and nutrition, but well you might have wondered that what made Dr. Arjun Reddy different from others ?

You might be aware of the fact that being a social media influencer means knowing the technique of socialisation which other influencers usually don’t pay attention to.

He always posts quizzes, polls and informative stories to keep his followers engaged and motivates them to actively participate in the fun events.
He has been certified as Precision Nutrition Level 1 Sports Nutritionist recently adding more feathers to his hat. He advises the people that ‘Portion control is the key to healthy eating’.

Now with a healthier lifestyle, he plans to accomplish his goals. His social media handle contains several guidelines on nutritious diets that can help one unlock a better physique.

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