Dr. Wilton Triggs: The Young Inspiration from Gallipolis, Ohio

COVID-19 would’ve been far worse than it has been if it weren’t for our planet’s doctors and medical staff. Doctors have been by far the bravest warriors in these challenging times for they worked without fearing for their life. One such amazing doctor is Dr. Wilton Triggs, the first black Chief Resident at the University of South Florida in plastic surgery. Dr. Triggs has been on numerous podcasts as an expert guest and has many research publications to his name. He’s been interviewed on various shows such as Twisted Younginz Radio Show Interview 2020, WSAZ Channel 3 Mom’s EveryDay Expert Guest 2019 & 2020, and Cable Channel 15 Morning Show Expert Guest 2019 to name a few. His uniqueness comes from the fact that he’s a black plastic surgeon who performs both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. He was one of the only 3 applicants to be accepted for a training program in the US for integrated plastic surgery.

Dr. Triggs has become an inspiration for many, coming from a very poor rural community. He was raised by a single parent with a bottle-neck at the source of income. Right from his childhood, Dr. Triggs was always intrigued by how and why would people fall ill. This became the basis of his inclination towards medicine. He studied medicine at the Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN and he is an alumnus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, completing his degree in Chemistry with Biochemistry and Mathematics with honors. In medical school, he chose plastic surgery for it is very a broad specialization. Apart from being an academician, he has been the co-author of several research publications as well.

Although it all comes with different kinds of challenges as well, one being the fact that in plastic surgery the ability to take tissues from one body part to another is very limited and one has to work the best out of the limited resource. However, this resonated well with Dr. Triggs since he had learned till then very well on how to make the best out of the seemingly insignificant and limited, right from his childhood.

From facing systematic and overt racism to mentoring children of elementary school age and even medical students inspiring and motivating them with his expertise and success, Dr. Triggs has come a long way. He aspires to build a world-renown practice and to mentor and prepare future minority doctors and world leaders. We asked him if has any message to aspiring leaders and youngsters, to which he replied, “That it takes time to build a practice and brand. Nothing happens overnight. There will be numerous setbacks. I made a name for myself by staying true to my morals and never compromising my character. I believe in two sayings- Stay hungry, stay humble and Personal Progress is an everyday endeavor.” He’s truly a great personality, really humble for the achievements he has to his name, and interviewing Dr. Triggs was one amazing experience in itself.

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