Dress Modestly and Stylishly: 4 Brilliant Shopping Tips you Need to Know.

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Whatever the reason behind your decision to choose this kind of fashion style may be, you should know that “modest” doesn’t necessarily mean “unstylish.” In fact, conservative outfits offer unparalleled comfort and a sense of self-confidence that radiates into the entire look.

If you’re new to this type of fashion, you’ll find the following four brilliant shopping tips quite helpful if you want to dress modestly and attractively at the same time:

1. Define your modesty rules

Before you start shopping in Doha, you must first define your standards for modest fashion. This should be a combination of your personal standards and that of the place (since Doha is an Islamic city, you’ll want to dress in accordance with their culture and beliefs).

Religious beliefs may call for full-body coverage in public places. Personally, you may also define modesty as simply avoiding an excessive show of skin.

If you still haven’t decided, you can adopt a few basic standards that could guide you in building your modest wardrobe, like the following:

  • Necklines – Keep these no lower than four fingers under your collarbone to avoid showing cleavage.
  • Materials – Steer clear of fabrics and materials that are see-through and skin-hugging.
  • Details – Choose clothes with the details on the collar and not the chest. This will draw attention to your face and away from your bust.
  • Back – Keep it covered and avoid backless and halter-neck clothes.
  • Shoulders – These should also be covered at all times.

2. Transform long dresses into fashionable pieces

While sheer dresses and lace clothing may offer just the right amount of feminine touch to your outfit, they tend to expose more of your body than you want. But don’t throw them out just yet.

To keep your dresses modest yet fashionable, you can wear a camisole underneath to avoid any unintended skin exposure. You can also use an elegant topper to cover up any plunging neckline. Just remember to choose carefully so that it matches the shade of the dress.

If you’re planning to wear a spaghetti-strapped or strapless dress, you can make it more conservative by layering a cropped long-sleeve sweater over it.

Also, remember to choose pieces according to the season. For example, during the summer, lovely florals or flowy boho-chic style dresses are the best choices.

And don’t forget the following elements of modest fashion:

  • Short, quarter-length, or long sleeves.
  • Below-the-knee hemline.
  • High neckline.
  • Loose fit.

3. Master the art of layering

Layering is an effective technique in transforming a modest ensemble to something more fashionable, not to mention comfortable. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy Doha events today if you’re feeling clammy in your outfit under the desert heat.

To help you out, below are some guiding rules on the art of layering:

Wear thin to thick going outwards

Although this isn’t a strict rule, wearing clothing with gradually increasing thickness as you go outwards works best for many people. Starting with the thinnest layer closest to your skin and ending with the thickest allows you to remain comfortable even as the weather changes.

Once you get too warm, you can simply remove one layer at a time until you become most comfortable in your outfit.

Combine standalone pieces

When thinking about what layers to add, make sure that they can stand alone even as you remove the clothes over them.

Consider the visible pieces. If they look great on their own, you’re on the right track.

This way, you won’t have to compromise your style to stay comfortable, or your comfort to be stylish. If need be, you can remove layers of clothing and still look as attractive as ever.

Know when to stop layering

No rule indicates how many layers would be enough, but you can be the judge of that yourself.

Your level of comfort should serve as your North Star for this. If you can’t move freely and comfortably with all the layers you wear, you’ll have to remove a few. This will prevent layers of clothes from becoming pointless.

4. Invest in the right kind of toppers

Outerwear is quite useful in modest attires, especially since they can be layered over pieces that have skinny straps or low-cut backs.

From shawls and blazers to military-style jackets, you have plenty to choose from. However, there are three toppers that you’ll want in your closet if you are to pull off your new modest fashion style in Doha: kimonos, denim jackets, and cardigans.


Anyone building a conservative wardrobe collection must have a kimono. Even the simplest one could switch the style up and still keep you covered comfortably.

Hailing from Japan, this piece of clothing offers a stylish new twist to your everyday ensemble. It is also versatile enough to provide extra glamour to whatever you wear underneath it.

Denim Jacket

Whatever your preferred style is, you can’t go wrong with a denim jacket. Considered a stylish and timeless piece, this is the perfect outerwear for almost any occasion, most especially day-to-day outfits and casual visits with friends.

Plus, denim jackets don’t have a specific season. You can wear it all year round and still stay trendy. You can even wear it with something as basic as an oversized plain T-shirt or a strapless or skinny-strapped dress and high-heeled sandals for a high-street fashion ensemble.

The best part is, it can work with just about any color combination.


For many women, a cardigan serves as the comfiest topper of all.

For one, it doesn’t require much effort to wear. Just pop it over your tank top, and you’re good to go. Cardigans also work with almost any outfit – be it a maxi dress, a shirt-and-jeans-combo, or more formal attires.

Dress Modestly and Stylishly

Being modest and stylish at the same time is easy. You only need the right kind of clothes and enough knowledge about mixing, matching, and layering to come up with a conservative yet gorgeous look.

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