Drewl Foreign: Brooklyn’s Finest Rapper

Drewl Foreign

Rap music is all about passion and igniting your inner fire. It is one of the most beloved music genre which has crosses all the boundaries of culture, race and nationality. The reason why it is so popular is that rap music is originated from within the overlooked section of society. It was a way to raise their voices against oppression, to express them and it was something anyone can approach without any judgment. However to become a successful rapper is no joke, you need real talent and passion to create such amazing music.

Every artist contributes something new and unique to the music and their contributions immortalized in the form of their own style of music. One such talented artist who is making waves in rap music is Drewl foreign. Drewl foreign is already being considered one of the best up and coming artist in New York circuit who is in position to become leading artist in the country.

Born and raised in Brooklyn Drewl is only 25 year old, and yet he has already achieved so much success. Starting out since childhood days Drewl has now 12 official releases to his credit which are collaborated by Fivio foreign, OMB Jaydee, TDF, Fabdon Porter B, Beno 8fs, and Nay the dancer Op. his musical style is known as drill music and he is widely popular as one of the Brooklyn drill rappers.

According to Drewl, anyone can come up with random rhyming with generic beats and call it a rap song but that will never go mainstream unless and until it can evoke certain emotions to the people who listen to it. Experts have described Drewl’s music as minimalistic, unique and more tilted more toward lyric and rhyming part. His approach has always been toward self-expression and realism to strengthen the community bond.

Drew was inspired from Meek mill, Lil durk and Fabulous and their influence can be visible in Drewl’s creations. As one of the Brooklyn’s finest rapper, Drewl is now loved and supported by rap music fan from all over the country. According to Drewl foreign it was the relentless support from his brother Rah lito (@official_rahlito) which helped him overcome all the hurdles in life.

Drewl gives credit to his team ForeverForeign Ent, who assisted him in every phase of his musical career. You can know more about Drewl foreign or even personally reach out to him by follow him on, Instagram: @drewlforeign_.

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