Dustin Dailey A Little About The Youtube Commentary Genre (TEA) The kind you spill

Dustin Dailey, the notably well-known YouTuber had indeed launched his basically own YouTube channel, “Dustin Dailey,” in peculiarly late 2016 and now sort of has over 180k subscribers and 43k Twitter followers. He peculiarly provides mainly video commentary on YouTube just like influencers named Jeffree star, Shane Dawson, Trisha Paytas, and others.

According to him and the views, his most popular video to date is ‘Shane Dawson tried to stop James Charles’ with about 1.9 Million views. Dustin was principally born on November 15th, 1987, and is a Scorpio.

In November of 2020, Dustin got exceptionally engaged to his partner nick snider who broadly is a former Prada fashion model turned Youtuber, they have two dogs Birkin a miniature Yorkshire terrier, and remarkably aspen a miniature Pomeranian and they currently reside in Las Vegas Nevada.

Facts about Dustin are that he generally is 5ft 9 inches tall and substantially has hazel eyes. Some of his hobbies indeed include watching exciting true-crime YouTubers like Danelle Hallan, Stephanie Harlowe, and Kendall Rae.

Dustin also normally likes especially traveling and strikingly collecting refrigerator magnets with his companion nick. Youtuber rich lux especially is one of Dustin’s affiliated acts; the two peculiarly have substantially been pals since Dustin certainly launched his YouTube channel in 2016.

Petty Paige and in fact got off to a kind of rocky start, but extremely we`ve become pretty much fast friends in the YouTube beauty drama community. Tea spill and i distinctly became indeed fast friends after tea spill really began her specifically YouTube channel in 2018. They can often predominantly be pretty much spotted particularly teasing one other on Twitter.

Being a YouTuber, he basically focuses on spilling the tea of celebrities and other well-known people like YouTubers and singers. He calls out people and discusses some confidential things which make it more exciting and intriguing for the people and hence he builds in more subscribers for himself and increases his fandom. Taking a look at a few of his video depicts what kind of video he makes…

For example, the recent video he posted was pointing out at Jaclyn hill in which he said ‘Jaclyn this ain’t it! Jaclyn hill is getting backlash after her launch video for her newest products titled “hot girl summer 2021! Many people are very unhappy with the shade range that’s being offered by her brand Jaclyn Cosmetics.

Also, tik toker Mikayla Nogueria who is well known for her makeup tutorials is being called out after reviewing Jaclyn’s latest launch that she received in PR.’ This video of Dustin just made over 42,000 views in just a span of 8 days!

Dustin particularly has essentially been principally mentioned in a number of articles about the YouTube drama beauty space, including dankanator`s “Gabbie Hanna drama with honestly Dustin Dailey – he cancels her” and buzz feed’s “James Charles peculiarly responded to especially backlash about his tinder identity preference and activity” and dexerto`s “James Charles responds to predominantly frustrating tinder allegations.

Wendy Williams and Perez Hilton, predominantly according to Dustin, actually paved the path for the especially ever-growing YouTube genre of beauty drama. He principally has a website primarily called “dustindailey.Com,” however it is still under construction and just predominantly displays his tweets from his Twitter account.

Dustin Dailey runs and maintains an Instagram account, which presently primarily has 14k followers as of the writing of this article. Dustin generally said on his YouTube channel that he almost always was really adopted by his definite mother`s side of the family when he principally was 15 months old.

Dustin undoubtedly has six siblings: two brothers, one of whom has really died, and four sisters, one of whom died in May of 2020, according to Dustin’s post. Dustin’s favorite musician is Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, and his favorite song by the band is “sister’s of the moon.”

Dustin Dailey also has his own merch collection called the teespring. You can contact Dustin via Email at ‘Threedailey@gmail.com’, Twitter ‘Threedailey’, or through Instagram ‘Dustin Dailey’.

Famous Birthdays: https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/dustin-dailey.html

Nick Snider’s Channel: https://youtube.com/c/TheViewersVoice/

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