Dynasty 11 Announces Gaming Social Media App Player 2

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania– Dynasty 11, a gaming and app developer, has announced Player 2, a team-building and social media application for gamers seeking to build connections with other players, has reached the alpha stage of testing. 

Player 2 connects gamers to collaborate on different gaming platforms, share gaming history, and instant message one another. The app connects and draws data from gamers’ platform profiles and allows them to fill out preferences to be matched with players with similar gaming interests and experience. Player 2 is set to reach the beta stage of testing by Q4 of this year.

While Dynasty 11 has a 14-person team of young professionals, they are led by Creative Director and CEO, Colin Johnson, who has a great deal of experience in the field. “I have had the privilege to work with established organizations such as Blackstone LaunchPad, Comcast LIFTLabs, SCORE, and Duane Morris, as well as local Universities, and early-stage game dev companies, through our Player 2 Partner Program,” Johnson says. 

A New Way For Gamers to Connect

Player 2 is  “Gamer’s companion app,” that helps gamers on across platforms connect through several features. Compatibility Matchmaking allows gamers to connect with potential teammates with similar gaming interests and experience levels after filling out a quick survey on their preferences. Player 2 also hosts Playgrounds, which provides instant messaging and hosts message boards to host and provide support for gamers, developers, streamers, and media outlets alike.

Other features on the app, such as LFG (“Looking for Group,”) help users find teammates for immediate activities. Player 2’s homepage, called the Game Hub, is a page where players can scroll through their favorite gaming content. Player 2 also allows gamers to sync with their other gaming profiles to build their friends list, show off their gaming history and personality on their Player Card, increase their Player Level by completing milestones, and play built-in arcade games on the app.

Partnership with Drexel University

Player 2 received attention recently when it won Drexel University’s Senior Project Showcase and earned an ongoing partnership with the institution.

“Following this school year’s successful development of Player 2, the project culminated in the permanent hiring of three Drexel students to the Dynasty 11 Studios team,” Dynasty 11 says.

“Our partnership will continue to grow next school year, with Dynasty 11 Studios sponsoring several Drexel student teams. – Our commitment to building our business in Philadelphia – embodying the characteristics that make Philly business unique, and helping to put Philly on the map as a growing hub of Video Game/App Development.”

Dynasty 11 Creative Director and CEO, Colin Johnson, is excited to unveil Player 2 to the public and show what the team can do.

“As an entrepreneur, seeing Player 2 go to market will be immensely fulfilling,” Johnson says.

“As a business owner, success means providing a rewarding workplace for and empowering the lives of my employees.”

Johnson believes in collaboration and helping empower his team to do their best. 

What’s Next for Dynasty 11?

While Dynasty 11 has secured partnership, the developer is open to investors hoping to boost the project even further. Dynasty 11 expects that Player 2 will leave the alpha stage and become accessible to the public in its beta stage of testing by Q4 2022.

The heart of Dynasty 11’s approach is creating the fullest experience for gamers across platforms and new avenues to solving issues both in the industry and the culture. Gaming spaces have been rife with controversy surrounding toxicity, from lack of inclusion in the field to negative online interactions between players. The team is hoping the success of Player 2 will allow gamers to interact more positively, and find more joy in the community regardless of their specific interest.

Dynasty 11 Studios is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based video game and app development company.

Comprised of an enthusiastic team of ambitious, uniquely talented, and highly collaborative professionals, we endeavor to make the gaming industry more inclusive and opportunistic through our social networking and team-building app, Player 2.

Dynasty 11 has other goal is to develop products that solve gaming’s greatest problems,  deliver unrivaled entertainment, & challenge existing conventions of game design.

To learn more, visit  player2app.com or dynasty11.com

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