Earn Profits for Your Digital Services Agency with Services Support by Agency Stand

In the past few years, many people have been turning to the internet in order to make money. There are several reasons why this is the case. The first is that tens of millions of people lost their jobs due to COVID pandemic.

Second, working from home adds an incredible amount of convenience and flexibility to work schedules. Finally, online business present opportunities to make incredible amounts of money.

One business model that many digital entrepreneurs are using to make money online is digital services agencies which rely on drop servicing (outsourcing) for service delivery. A digital services agency is an agency that sells digital services such as copywriting, graphic design, SEO, PPC, coding, and social media marketing. Digital services agencies are highly scalable and can be extremely profitable when they are done correctly.

Because of the internet, the world is now a global village. This means that digital services agency owners can have contractors working for their agency from all across the world. This enables agency owners with no technical skills to leverage the power of drop servicing to make enormous profits.

How Agency Stand’s Services Support is Helping Digital Services Agencies

Agency Stand is a company that helps entrepreneurs to build, launch, and scale digital services agencies. This company was founded by Unwana Etuk, also known as Francis Etuk. Francis is a seasoned veteran in the digital services niche.

He has first-hand experience building digital services agencies from the ground up and thoroughly understands the challenges that new digital services agency owners go through. He built Agency Stand to help streamline the path to success for new agency owners.

In addition to giving new digital services agency owners access to a pre-built, 100-percent fully optimized website and an Online Business Advisor, Agency Stand allows new agency owners access to Services Support.

Services Support is an exclusive marketplace where digital services agency owners can source high-quality talent for their digital services agency. In this private marketplace, agency owners can find digital services contractors with a wide range of skillsets. In fact, no matter what digital services agency owners are looking for, they can find professionals offering those services in Services Support.

Services Support Details

Services Support is only available to people who buy websites from Agency Stand for $399 and who speak to one of our Online Business Advisors. There is also a $199 recurring monthly fee to get continued access to services support.

There are two types of services available on Services Support (see Growth stage in Success Dashboard): Premium and Offers. The Premium section contains very high-end professionals who are experts. Premium services professionals are for our clients to use for themselves or to offer at no profit to their customers.

The Offers section contains low-cost, high-quality digital services from digital experts from emerging markets, students, or new freelancers. Offers allows digital services agency owners to drop service (outsource to) quality labor for reasonable prices.

Agency owners can use this labor pool to find services providers to drop service digital service work to, and then resell the completed work for higher prices, making money in the process. No technical skills are required.

For example, an agency owner could get a website built for $400 through Offers, and then resell the website to their clients for $900-$1,800 earning 2x – 4.5x profits. Or, an agency owner could charge a client $1000 for PPC work and then pay a contractor in Offers to do it for $500, making a $500 profit in the process. We highly recommend that agency owners take advantage of Offers, because if they use it regularly, they can make tremendous profits.

Agency owners can get help finding services providers from their Online Business Advisors who will work every week to make sure their services provider is the lowest cost with excellent quality delivery. After speaking with an Online Business Advisor, agency owners will be able to access the marketplace app to source services providers from Premium or Offers.

After getting access to the marketplace app, the sky’s the limit for agency providers. Agency owners who work hard can make a tremendous amount of money.

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