Easy And Cheap DIY Tweaks To Make Your Home Office Suck Less

Work is work, whether you do it in a cubicle or at home. The difference, however, is that you get to decorate your home office however you like! Sober and stylish or just wacky and colorful, it’s your choice.

Now, if you’re interested in some easy and cheap DIY tweaks that will make it suck less, here’s an idea. Grab a pen and a paper, you’re going to make a list and then buy or rummage around the house for the following items: 

Photo Frame Organizer – bring some order to your clutter

FramePhoto Organizer - WishfultinkerIf you’re tired of itty-bitty things that keep spreading around your office, or important notes that you keep misplacing, look no further than your Essential Items Photo Organizer. Imagine you could keep all the things that matter fixed on a photo frame, occupying just a few inches of your valuable space.

Must have: the cheapest photo frame you can find (or do it yourself), a few strips of flexible fabric (the type that frays at ease), scissors, some glue and a sewing machine.

For your inspiration, go to WishfulTinker and see how they did it.

Stacked Storage – to make your home office look like a shop window 

StackedStorage - BHGIf you’re buried underneath tons of small objects, a few tool cans should do the trick. You can make yourself a stacked storage solution as big as you need and as colorful as you want. Of course, if you’re buried underneath bigger objects, you can switch the regular cans for a couple of gallon cans.

Must have: a few tool cans, a few sheets of patterned paper (any patterns you prefer), scissors, glue, and a hot glue gun or a double-sided tape.

To get the feel of how it should look like, go to BHG.

Cork Heat Trivet – so that your coffee mugs won’t stain the table

CorkWine Trivet - DesignSponge

Whether you have too many cork wine stoppers around the house or you just love the idea, having a heat trivet will be a delight. From now on, all your tea or coffee mugs will be in the right place.

Must have: a couple of natural cork wine stoppers (depending on how many or how large you want the trivets to be), a cutting utensil (even a knife will do the trick), thread and needle (the type you use for embroidering).

Get your inspiration for this DIY home office tweak at DesignSponge.

Clip-On Desk Organizers – to move things to one side of your office 

Clip-On OrganizersWhen your working space is limited, hanging things around is the simplest solution. And by using $5 grip clips, some cans, washers, nuts and bolts, you can make it look quite elegant. The model I found on Brit was quite elaborate, though you can feel free to decorate your cans however you please.

Must have: grip clips, cans, spray paints and rubber gloves (to keep your hands clean), washers, nuts and bolts, a power drill and a screw driver.

Learn more about this interesting DIY home office tweak at Brit.

Open Shelving Solutions – to get larger books and objects out of your way

Open Shelving - GHTVThis option will give you even more space and it might be easier to setup than the clip-on desk organizer. Pick one side of your home office and set up a few chipboard shelves. You can choose the color, the width and the height of your new space organizer.

Must have: a few pieces of chipboard (that you can buy directly at the desired sizes), paint and a brush (if you have a wacky color in mind), a power drill and fastening screws.

Have a look on HGTV and see how it could look.

Light Candle Holders in a Mason Jar – for a touch of color and a shed of light

Light Candle Holder - BerriesGalsIf late night working or early mornings make you wanna sleep instead of staying up, a couple of colorful tiny lamps could do the trick. You can make them as colorful and joyful as you want. Plus, there’s a simple way to make sure nothing will catch fire.

Must have: a glass jar, a few strips of colorful fabric, scissors, craft glue, water, a paintbrush and a battery-powered tea light.

For your inspiration, go to AintThatTheBerriesGals and see how they did it.

Recycled Wine Bottle Light – make it more SF with adorable candle holders 

WineBottle Light - Etsy

If you’re not into flowery prints and you’d rather something from the twilight zone, look no further than to recycle a wine bottle and fill it with Christmas lights. You can have it anywhere around a power outlet and it will make the most intriguing home office lamp you can get.

Must have: a recycled glass bottle, regular size, any color you want, and a set of Christmas lights.

For more inspiration, or just for buying it already made, go to Etsy.

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