Easy Ways to Save Money for Beginners

We might not support the concept of saving, but it is truly advantageous. It can help us in our crucial times and help us to lead a safe and secure life. While there, you might find it difficult to save your well-earned for now, but you will understand the concept as soon as you start saving, and the savings will be converted into a huge amount. Here we have listed some of the easy ways that can help you to save money.

Ways to Save Money 

1. Select a Bank that Gives Returns

Many banks in India include government and private. Look for the bank that offers higher returns. These should give you beneficial facilities and help you to invest in mutual funds. There are a couple of insurance plans available that you can take and reap their benefits.

If your bank gives more return and saving account, it is an excellent option to accept. You can also go for a better rate of home loans. Make sure your bank also provides other benefits that include zero or nominal ATM or no draft charges. You can connect with the bank person and take all the necessary information.

2. Distribute Your Salary Ideally

One should use 30% of his salary to meet his ends, and 20% should be used for luxury and the rest should be used for saving. Trust us, this would go a long way as you would not face any financial problem.

If you keep some specific amount regularly, it would be helpful for the coming years. Also, the interest rate is higher for the savings account as compared to others.

3. Set Your Targets

It is imperative to set a target; otherwise, it would be difficult for you to work. You can download a couple of or just a single app such as Upstox. This particular app would help you in the investment as well.

From SIP to mutual funds, it offers all the services to take and save his amount for the future. You can use the Upstox promo code to get a discount as well. So don’t look further and get your app right away!

4. Timely Check your Account

If you are having a tough time managing your accounts, we would suggest that determination is the key. It is essential to be self-aware about every possible thing that is related to your investment. First things first, check your account daily. At times there are few charges that the bank puts, which could be surely surprising for you.

If you find any charge put without any reason, then talk to the bank and confirm that the money charges are for the right reason.  In addition to this, make sure you have all your receipts and bills to crosscheck the money you have spent and the final money left in your account. This, too, will keep you in peace.

5. Avoid Using ATM’s

It’s always good to make minimum transactions from bank accounts. The more transactions you will make, the more amount would be deducted. Instead, you should set an amount. Above which, you would not be able to complete the transaction. This might irritate you in the beginning and gradually this.

Also, it would make you more systematic and organised than ever before. Further, you can allocate your money according to the expenditure. For example, if you have to pay the rent, then make an envelope. The same goes for your other expenditure that includes vegetables, groceries and others.

6. Pay your Card Dues on Time

If you do not want your money to be deducted unnecessarily, it would be better to pay your all dues on time. If you own a credit card, we would suggest you spend the money in advance, not to add up in the long run.


Saving is significant; it helps to meet your future problems or resolve your big troubles. If you are a beginner or planning to start saving, the above-listed tips would surely come in handy to you.

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