Eduyear- an Edtech Startup Creating the Impact.

EduYear is an EdTech startup aimed at bringing the much-needed change and revolution in the educational industry, the only industry which has not seen a change since the past many decades. EduYear solves the 3 main challenges including affordability, personalized experience, and practical approach. The founders of EduYear believe that not every brain function and learns the same way and each must be taught in the style which suits it the best.

“Learning must not be a tool just to score marks but the tool to solve all the problems mankind is facing.”
During the pandemic, the value of online education has soared up multiple times. Education is the one thing that must not stop at any cost. Following this, EduYear is working consistently to provide quality education to everyone seeking knowledge out there at an affordable price.

The price is 1/4 of the market price which makes the courses much affordable. They provide live classes at the most affordable price without compromising the quality of the course. They have been able to bring the prices to the ground with the same content delivery. Their focus is to include more and more practical approach and makes teaching s fun as possible.

The students who take the live classes learn in a fun way and with the help of real-life examples and practical-based teaching they can learn more in a short amount of time. Students who have taken the classes are now working with EduYear, implementing their skills by making projects and sharing their knowledge.

With the completion of 1st year, EduYear has taught more than 12000 students with an excellent rating score. There has been a lot of trusts built up in the community and more and more students are recognizing the name. Through various free sessions and insightful live sessions, EduYear has built up the brand name in the community.

eduyear has also launched their home-grown App EduYear Prime which has more than 20000 downloads on the Play Store. It provides quality recorded lectures on various technical topics such as Machine Learning, Web Development, Python, and many more that too in Hindi and English as well. The app provides high-quality lectures playable at any time and any number of times.
Many new projects are under development and soon to be launched.

These projects will change the face of the online education system. These are aimed to not only help the students but also the instructors. It will focus on helping to create an economy for the instructors.

The founders of EduYear all are college students who know the reality of the education system and what all it lacks. They know the ins and outs and are building up EduYear to solve all those problems and provide better education to everyone who seeks one.

Millions of people graduate from their college every year but not everyone can land a job. EduYear aims to change this and help everyone by not only preparing them to get a job but also creating more jobs in the industry to meet the ever-growing demand of jobs.

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