Eli Blume- Young Social Media Entrepreneur and Instagram Strategist on Rise.

Social Media was quite an infamous term in 2010. Also, it was the same year when Instagram was launched. A limited number of people could imagine that this social media platform can be the epicenter of digital marketing in coming years. Eli Blume was one of those early adopters.

Who is Eli Blume?

Eli Blume is a social media marketer and an Instagram expert. He was one of the early adopters in social media marketing who had the vision to build far-reaching communities on social media. In 2012 when Facebook and Instagram were making a lot of noise in the social media world, being an opportunist, Eli wasted no time exploring the space and testing new strategies.

He had the vision to help brands and celebrities grow on futuristic platforms like Instagram. While Instagram was attracting more and more users, Eli Blume focused on creating new strategies for his clients.

Today Eli Blume has worked with more than 100 clients and has produced incredible results for them. Being a business guy, he always likes to network with successful people and influencers on Instagram. He was fortunate enough to try and test digital strategies while scaling Instagram communities for brands and businesses.

Today Eli Blume has become a social media entrepreneur and an Agency owner. The agency is known as Extensive Media and provides a variety of services in the social media space.

Why is Extensive Media one of the fastest-growing agencies?

Extensive Media was launched in early 2020. It is a unique agency that provides accelerated brand and community building services. The agency provides dynamic service, which typical social media agencies are unable to provide. As a social media entrepreneur, Eli believes in a unique approach for building community in a brief span.

Eli Blume kickstarted with significant lifestyle and luxury brands with his decade of experience in brand and community building on social media. His profound knowledge of the platforms over the year has risen as a myth buster. Eli believes that if you have a solid strategy to grow, you beat any social media algorithm.

It’s hard to believe the results that Extensive media can produce in a single day. Whether you are a brand or an influencer, Eli can help you grow and build a long-lasting personal brand. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the agency could close various high-profile clients and create a massive community in a brief span.

The agency also has access to international celebrities to collaborate for online giveaways. Giveaways are part of the lucrative strategy that the agency handcrafts for each of its clients.

Since the launch in early 2020, Extensive Media and Extensive Giveaways have successfully gained over 100k followers for the clients. Eli Blume plans to expand globally and become a prominent figure in the social media space. Currently, he is in talks with multiple influences who can grow their brand presence with the help of Extensive media. He believes that to create a legacy, you have to take the risk of being different. Reach out to Extensive Media to accelerate your growth.


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