Elijah Westall is a Fine Example of how one can Successfully Transition his Career Smoothly

You need a determined mind and focus towards your goals to reach a position from where you can call the shots. We have seen many fine examples of individuals who have risen to the top and done extraordinarily well in their careers. These names shine bright and stand a breed apart from others.

We have one such name who has proven that one can definitely reach pinnacles of success if they are determined enough to make their mark in the big world of entrepreneurship, he is 21 year old Elijah Westall, whose success story proves that one can achieve the impossible if he is passionate and eager to achieve what seems like a distant dream.

Entrepreneurs like Elijah are born to rule the roost. They are well equipped to take up the fierce challenges of life and success bypassing the hurdles successfully. His story from being into the business of cutting hair as a barber to owning a media company has been phenomenal.

His journey as an entrepreneur started during his college days when he was just like any other regular fun loving teen who indulged in late night parties, sleeping all day and flunking college classes. Having realized that this lifestyle would not take him anywhere, he started to think about learning something which would boost his career prospects, and with that aim started searching for options.

He finally zeroed on the hair cutting craft and started learning the nitty-gritties of the business through YouTube. Watching how to style various hair cuts and experimenting them on his fellow mates who shared the dorm, he gradually emerged as an expert barber in no time.

Digital business was picking up pace and this field drew Elijah towards it. After having worked with the basics and being confident, he rolled out his foremost venture ‘Life Goes On’ which has interests in media and marketing fields. He has already done creative directing for sports programs, car motor shops, Blaze pizza, etc. He is now all geared up for making commercials for VR video games and scripting social media video series.

To know more, visit his official website www.lifegoeson.io or follow him on Instagram@eliwestall

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