Emery EXP Urges People to See the Value in Cryptocurrency

Is cryptocurrency here to stay, or is it simply one of those fads that will disappear eventually? To answer that question, Emery EXP asks you to think about the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“It is like the Sears Tower in Chicago. For those of you doubting the longevity and impact of cryptocurrency, guess what the Staples Center is going to be renamed in 2022?” 

Emery EXP answers the question,“The Crypto.com Center! Apparently, Crypto.com bought the naming rights to Staple Center for $700M. The Staples Center has been there since 1999. There have been so many iconic teams and concerts there, and it’s going to be named the Crypto Communist Center.”

Cryptocurrency Is Not a Fad

So many people still deny the legitimacy of cryptocurrency. They think it’s just a fad or temporary. Emery EXP elaborates, “Once the Staples Center, the house that Kobe built, is turned into a crypto.com center, people will still probably say it’s just naming rights.” 

“But, there’s also plenty of talk within that community that the Crypto.com center is going to build facilities to mine crypto and provide crypto education,” Emery EXP explains. “Do you understand the idea of the name-brand labeling of the Staples Center?” 

Emery EXP continues, “When was the last time you walked into a Staples? When was the last time that you thought of Staples? It’s like asking when was the last time you went to Blockbuster. That store doesn’t have any real significance anymore. Another example is Radio Shack – it’s like that.” 

Crypto.com has experienced huge growth over the past few months. “Just to clarify, this isn’t a paid endorsement. They do some good work,” Emery EXP believes.

So, what does owning the naming rights do for them? “Every time people go by the Staples Center, they’re going to see Crypto.com. I don’t know what people are going to call it for short or how the locals will refer to it. It’s been met with a lot of mixed reviews. Lots of people are upset, but some people are happy about it.”

Emery EXP personally thinks it’s fantastic. “The more people understand that this is not going anywhere, the more people will start to adapt and use it, and that’s better for the crypto community.” 

Invest Now 

Here’s the thing: if you’re investing in crypto now, you’re going to benefit from it. “If you’re already in, you’re already doing something within that crypto space. I’m going to buy more CRO coin,” Emery EXP says. “When more people hear about it, it’s going to add a lot more value to that coin.”

Emery EXP states, “When the company behind the coin can afford to buy that type of facility with naming rights for $7M, that’s value. That’s proof the coin is not going anywhere. It’s proof that cryptocurrency is strong enough and stable enough now. It’s not definitive proof by any means, but it’s a pretty good indication. It gives people confidence that crypto isn’t going anywhere.”

Emery EXP has heard so many people still say that it’s just a trend and that it’s never going to replace paper money. “When was the last time you carried paper money? You can leave home these days with nothing more than a phone and a driver’s license and still pay for whatever you need.”

Emery EXP adds that you don’t even need a card anymore. “It’s all on your phone. That’s the reality, and crypto is going to change that even more.”

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