Emir Hamzić Is Shaping the Game of Tennis for Future American Players

Tennis player extraordinaire Emir Hamzić is keeping the ball in his court after shifting into full-time coaching through his company, HAMZIC All American Training. The former professional athlete inspires aspiring tennis professionals and budding young minds to score wins and become the next All-American Tennis champion.

Before becoming the world-renowned tennis player that he is today, Emir Hamzić was a talented tennis player who began coaching part-time at the age of 17. He did it to fund his professional career when nobody knew who he was. Three years later, all of that changed when he became one of the biggest names in the scene. 

He competed on the pro circuit and traveled the world playing ITF Futures. The world-renowned tennis player is known for his incredible attention to detail as well as his big serve and aggressive baseline game. As a young professional, he was a rising star in the field of tennis. It didn’t take much for him to finally get the recognition that he deserved. At the age of 20, he was given the title of ‘All-American,’ after winning a National Championship playing at the collegiate level. 

Emir Hamzić successfully rode the waves of his recent successes. The brilliant tennis player decided to transition into full-time coaching after gaining national acclaim. Furthermore, he pursued a degree in Exercise Science from Kean University, a decision that greatly boosted his potential for success. His strong academic background allowed him to specialize in specific physiological demands of tennis players and allowed him to further excel in his field.

“Through my experience as a tennis player and trainer, it was important for me to become college-educated in order to truly understand the biomechanics of athletes, but more importantly of tennis players,” shares Emir Hamzić. Further down the line, he ventured off to work alongside the world’s most famous tennis coach, Nick Bollettieri. Eventually, Emir’s successful coaching efforts would create ripples, and demand for his unique and efficient services would spread far and wide within the Tri-State area.

After acquiring over 250 clients independently, the budding tennis coach decided that it was finally time to make his business official. While he was earning his degree, Emir Hamzić established his company, HAMZIC All American Training. He expresses that he had always wanted to be a boss, so he made himself into one. Ownership was always the goal, and being his own boss meant that he owned his personal brand.

At only 22 years old, Emir Hamzić played tennis with a six-figure income. HAMZIC All American Training became the go-to tennis coaching for young athletes who were looking to immerse themselves in the sheer brilliance of a talented tennis player. His work on the East Coast has been greatly recognized, earning him the title of Top Coach in the Jersey Shore. With grit and dedication, Emir was able to expand his reach to North Jersey, and eventually to New York.

Months later, at only 22, Emir Hamzić played ball with a six-figure income under his belt. HAMZIC All American Training was the go-to center for young athletes looking to bathe themselves in Emir’s influence and tennis brilliance. In his work on the East Coast, the former professional tennis player was recognized as the top coach in the Jersey Shore, expanding his reach to North Jersey and, later, to New York.

He eventually started branching out to different cities, and different states, widening his circle of influence as time went by. Due to popular demand, Emir Hamzić recently expanded his services to Chicago, Illinois. The secret to his long-lasting success is his dedication toward consistently improving his tennis education. 

“I believe my dedication to my craft sparks my attention to detail and allows me to develop personalized programs that lead to special results for all my clients. More than anything I care about my clients, HAMZIC All American Training is one big family and movement.”

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