Encoxada.Me: Protecting Our Children

It started in North Wales, but has led to global controversy. Convicted child sex offender James Moran started a website dedicated to the spread of multimedia related to crimes against women and children – and people cannot believe it may even be endorsed by law enforcement.

The website accessible via https://encoxada.me is dedicated to sexual activity against women and children. ‘Encoxada’ literally translates to ‘a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one’s pelvis or erect penis, against a non-consenting person for sexual gratification’.

People around the world are actively campaigning against the website, reporting it to global law enforcement agencies, but they fear it is actually being used by these said agencies to collect information about those that engage in this type of criminality.

Thus, controversy is rife as they argue such activity should not be allowed to persist simply due to law enforcements interests. It is hard to disagree, and a look through James Moran’s website will make you realise why.


Here, a child is victim to sexual assault, where her perpetrator literally describes touching her in a sexual manner without her consent. Unbelievably, he even goes on to describe realising he made her uncomfortable, and that his further peaked his interest and thus continued to molest her.

The attacker even includes an image of the child, but we’ve not included her image to protect her identity, as police are actively looking to speak to her in connection with the incident. The perpetrator describes it being at the Vatican, so an investigation has commenced.


Shockingly, you see a forum member share the abuse of a ‘schoolgirl’. In the video a much older man is seen engaging in sexual activity with a minor. Forum members identify the owner of the content as a man later arrested for child sexual abuse crimes, yet this illegal content is still circulated around the forum.


A man going by the pseudonym ‘Black Shogun’ encourages forum members to “stalk” and then “assault” women. He posts a video of a man getting extremely close to a woman on public transport, rubbing his groin against her for sexual pleasure, and then having an orgasm, all against the woman’s consent.


This post, like many others, are led by James, the Administrator himself, and discuss his pleasure of seeing women subjected to sexual assault in religious settings, asking forum members to go out and engage in this activity in order to report back to the forum.

Shockingly, the forum has many, many instances of criminal, indictable activity, and to join the worldwide petition to bring James Moran to justice, please email your local MP, or a state-elected official.

If you have been a victim of James Moran’s crimes or have any information regarding potentially criminal activity, please reach out to us, and we will help place your information in the right place.

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