ENS Vs. Unstoppable Domains

ens vs. unstoppable domains

Yesterday, we talked to an expert about why ENS domains matter and the many applications they will have in the future. Another NFT domain name provider exists, and that is Unstoppable Domains. Like ENS, they provide identities in the Web3 world, so users have access to simple payments, a username, and a website URL. 

Both name registration services allow users to create an easy Web3 name or identification system that can point to a wallet and be used for payments. Both systems can incorporate email, function cross chain, and be potentially used as metaverse Ids. Both also feature the security provided by blockchain and an immutable ledger and the ability to be sold as NFTs. But which one should you choose? Should you have both? We’ve taken a look at the pros and cons, and you can decide. 

Naming Options

Both ENS and Unstoppable domains allow you to register a Web3 name. ENS only offers the .eth domain name extension. They have a separate feature which allows the importing of DNS names and over 90% of names are supported.  Unstoppable Domains offers .crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil, and .blockchain. While the number of endings is enticing, it’s important to keep in mind the flex factor. Names ending in .eth are by far most popular and widely used in crypto. They are seen on twitter regularly. Still, in this nascent industry, that might not matter in the future.


ENS domains charge fees and gas fees for registering names. They also require name registration renewal. Currently, registration costs at ENS are set at the following prices:

  • 5+ character .eth names: $5 in ETH per year.
  • 4 character .eth names: $160 in ETH per year.
  • 3 character .eth names $640 in ETH per year.

Unstoppable domains have no renewal fees, no gas fees on Polygon, and prices start at $5. The domain is yours for life.

Name Ownership

With Unstoppable Domains, users own the name for life after registration. With ENS domains you own the name until the renewal period, then users need to renew the name in order to maintain ownership or someone else can register the name. While they do offer reminders for renewal, in the age of NFTs and ownership, the need to renew the name seems a little archaic. 


Unstoppable domains offer a website template where users can create their own website and upload it directly to IPFS, link to an existing IPFS hash, or redirect it to a traditional domain. With ENS users can also build a Web3 website, but users will need to write the code or use a building tool before using another tool to deploy it to IPFS.

While Unstoppable Domains and ENS Domains share some of the same features, there are limitations to both. In the end, simple factors like popularity may be the deciding factor when choosing a provider. Whichever you choose, best to make sure you own your name or brand in this new and wild Web3 world.

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