Entrepreneur Ayman Assi Appointed as Vice President of Nejmeh Sporting Club

Ayman Assi, Ayman Assi Nejmeh SC

Ayman Assi is a remarkable man who, despite the numerous roadblocks that he encountered throughout his life, exhibited incredible strength and perseverance and overcame all obstacles to achieve massive success. Ayman Assi is one of those names that immediately flashes in our minds when it comes to Entrepreneurs and the business world. 

Ayman Assi has been appointed as Vice President of the biggest fan base football club in Lebanon. He will be serving as the Vice President of the Football Club Nejmeh SC. Ayman Assi will be looking after and taking care of the International affairs of the club. Ayman will also be taking care of the Asia Cup as the club will be representing and playing for it.

Along with these things, Ayman will also be responsible and will be working to arrange friendly games in London. And to team up with some English football teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, etc. so that his club gains experience.

Ayman assi nejmeh sc

Ayman is a self-made Lebanese Entrepreneur, who is now ruling in the multiple domains of businesses. He is the Founder & CEO of Amerald UK, a leading Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services Company. He owns a very famous Mediterranean restaurant, Beit El Zaytoun, he’s also the owner of The Dash.

The Dash is an exotic Car salon situated in North West London. It is not like any normal car salon, it is an extraordinary car salon where individuals come to wash their cars, and instead of just watching or waiting they can spend their time enjoying themselves.

Despite the fact that he runs multiple businesses, Ayman’s top priorities are spending time with and taking good care of his family. Ayman, an exotic car enthusiast, and admirer, also make time for outdoor activities such as swimming and biking while juggling his hectic schedule to stay fit and healthy. 

Thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs look up to Ayman Assi. His refusal to give up after a setback emphasizes the importance of perseverance in the business world.

He didn’t let anyone or anything get in the way of his desire to succeed, and as a result, he conquered all those summits that seemed insurmountable at the time. He is an all-rounder and an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

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