Entrepreneur Danielle Clay Shares her Journey to the Top

In the entrepreneurial world, Danielle Clay is a force to be reckoned with. Creating her own successful business that fills the gaps in financial literacy for the masses, Danielle is here to share her story of turning obstacles into opportunities to bring her dreams to life.

Born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Danielle and her family moved around often during her adolescence and she was able to spend time in various cities throughout Virginia such as Richmond, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg as well as parts of Maryland. Danielle’s first employment was at Target and Red Robin where she worked at the age of 16.

When discussing the skills she developed from her first employment that became valuable assets in her later endeavours, Danielle says:

“Working at Target and Red Robin was great. Both taught me time management as I would have to leave high school the minute it was over and drive to clock in 15 mins early as per their guidelines. Target taught me discipline as they were very strict on their schedules, meetings, etc. And Red Robin taught me leadership very early on as I quickly became a new hire trainer and traveled to open up new locations and train their expos.”

Danielle attended Virginia Commonwealth University after highschool, but when she moved to Florida, Danielle switched to an online University, graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

Danielle says that after the birth of her son in August of 2016, the entrepreneurial spirit was ignited in her. The motivation and drive that was always inside her increased ten-fold as she made a commitment to break the cycle within her family of a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, and become the first millionaire in her family. From that point forward, Danielle focused on personal development and growth every single day, striving to be the best possible mom to her son and the absolute best version of herself.

As the Law of Attraction would have it, Danielle’s focus on growth personally and financially for herself and her family, attracted into her life exactly what she had her heart set on – the chance to create her own business through trading in the financial markets and impacting the lives of others along the way.

Since her introduction to the business model on July 4, 2020, Danielle recognized the potential to become a business owner while also helping other people do the same. To date, Danielle has created her own organization called The Golden Empire (TGE) Investment Group LLC. Through her business, Danielle helps to provide individuals with the tools and resources required to become successful traders in the foregin exchange and cryptocurrency markets, while learning the skills needed to become business owners themselves.

As a highly family-oriented individual, Danielle recognizes that traditional 9-5 employment takes a large portion of our time away from spending with our loved ones, or doing things we enjoy. Danielle has created TGE Investment Group to give her business partners their time back, while gaining a greater level of control over their finances.

Danielle herself is working towards retiring her mom, creating generational wealth for her family, while helping her team to gain the financial independence needed to leave their own jobs and start focusing their 24 hours in the day towards making their dreams into reality.

When discussing her family driven motivation to build her business to even higher levels of success, Danielle says:

Growing up, starting as a very young child, I was raised by my single mother. We grew up on the “poverty level” to say the least. I only recall bits and pieces of my childhood, as I faced a lot of trauma I have yet to ever tell anyone. But I do remember watching my mom struggle the majority of my childhood, just trying to make ends meet, which is why I knew I had to get a job the second I was of age, so I could start helping her out financially. Now that I have my business growing, I keep going to give her the life she deserves to live.

To date, TGE Investment Group is a global organization with over 120 business partners and counting, spanning across the United States and into Africa and the Dominican Republic. Growing her business to this scale did not come without its share of trials and sacrifices. Danielle says a lack of support from people closest to her was difficult but her faith in God helped her to continue to give her endeavours her all, no matter what hurdles she faced.

From overcoming obstacles throughout her life and entrepreneurial journey, Danielle says:

“The lesson I took and continue to take from overcoming such obstacles is simply to remember the bigger picture. Remember the goals I have set for myself and my family. Remember my WHY. And most importantly, seek approval from none other than God, while living in constant reminder that he will equip you with everything needed to live out your calling.”

With TGE investments growing steadily and Danielle inspiring more entrepreneurs to take the plunge into being their own boss, she leaves her best advice for the aspiring business-owner:

Just go for it. “Remember, everything you ever wanted is standing on the other side of fear.”
Trust in God. “You need zero approval or support when it’s your calling – if God called you to it, he will provide you with the needed resources for it. You just have to take that leap of faith.”

Remember your why. “Remind yourself of why you’re doing this. In those late nights, early mornings, the sacrifices of your sleep, the fun times that you don’t have with your friends anymore and the missing out on certain events, you have to remember the why and the end goal that you have at stake.”

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