Entrepreneur Deniz Guney – Starting A Mobile App Business During the Pandemic

He has managed to teach himself programming languages like Flutter, Swift and Java. His mobile apps have now reached more than five million downloads and are available in over 10 languages in more than 160 countries.

Self-determination as a way out

It all started in February 2020 when Deniz Guney decided to learn mobile app programming. He had no previous knowledge, no studies in the field and he had no mentor. As the world became increasingly chaotic, he decided to determine for himself what his focus would be and decided to devote himself fully to learning programming languages.

In a time when you are constantly and everywhere confronted with the latest events and news, it is difficult to focus on something so difficult. It requires not only discipline and motivation, but also characteristics that allow one to ignore such negative events as a global pandemic and look positively into the future.

For Deniz Guney, it was clear that he had to voluntarily accept that the world was in an increasingly bad state. His way out was not to fall into self-pity, but to use every day as if it were a unique chance to get a little closer to his goal. Travel bans, curfews and lockdowns followed and after two months he was finally ready to publish his first Android application in the Google Play Store all by himself.

The right product at the right time

His first app became a success and had over 100,000 downloads by July 2020. He had invested virtually no money, just the mandatory $25 for the Google Play Developer Account. He had created screenshots, logos, descriptions and translations himself to save costs. The application was monetized only through advertising and was able to generate five figures just from that. He could then use the money to develop even more apps and reach more people through paid ads.

Deniz Guney has achieved what millions of people around the world dream of with his mobile apps. He has built a passive income and became financially independent. Even more apps, even more income and all this completely passively without investing much time in the existing apps. At the moment he is focusing on building Instazeal, a platform to help people growing their Instagram audience and reaching more people.

Scaling it up

In the meantime, Deniz Guney, who is also known as “Gun3ro” on Instagram, has had such great success with his apps that he has founded his own company “Rocket Digital Limited” and not only develops apps for it, but also for other companies. He is probably one of the best examples that you can create something great even in bad times.

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