How This Entrepreneur Growth Hacked His First Company to $200K in Sales in 14 Days

Kale Panoho is a name you’re going to hear more of in 2017. Only seven months ago, Kale was let go after a 90-day-trial in a sales job he struggled with daily. Facing unemployment, uncertainty, and unhappiness he decided that perseverance in the face of adversity is better than praying for someone else to solve your problems. So he solved his own.

Low on funds but big on ideas, he opened his own gym in a facility he didn’t own, with a next-to-nothing budget, with no equipment except A3 and A4 cutouts, and in 14 days he turned a $200 marketing budget into $202,000 of annual revenue. This was only six months ago.

Fast forward to now. Kale has been interviewed on EOFire with John Lee Dumas, among other podcast guests like Gary Vee, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss, as well as several other business and health podcasts.

He’s written for the Huffington Post, been covered in both Inc Magazine and Entrepreneur, and is now the most shared contributor here on Influencive. 

To top it off, the growth marketing agency he and his business partner opened three weeks ago has already created $30,000 in sales.

Kale shared what you need to know to make the same leaps:  

You have to be prepared to fail but take everything from that failure, and actively measure why it happened it the first place.

Kale knew that he had made errors in his previous role, otherwise he’d still be working in the same job. He knew that there were errors, not in his skillset – but more likely in his attitude.

Not shying away from the issue, he set out to rectify what lost him the job in the first place.

Aggressively measure and correct your shortcomings

“There are three components people face each day in their work, adversity or an obstacle, how they react to those obstacles and how you interact with other when dealing with those obstacles. I was facing a problem in how I was dealing with others and I was looking at events with my own perceptions. I needed to look at events more objectively and if the people I was working with had the same set of information that I did,” Kale said.

From here his attitude flowed onto his business ideas when examining how he could open a gym with a tiny budget, no venue, and no equipment. People said it couldn’t be done. They projected their own perceptions on his ideas, claiming “it wasn’t possible” and “you can’t just do that.” “It doesn’t work that way”.

“The truth is a lot of people tell you what can’t be done out of their own fear or insecurity, even if it’s well-meaning, or for your safety. When people starting saying no to you, ask them – why not?” Kale said.

Kale’s attitude mixed with creativity is what led him to growth marketing and landed him on the big name shows and publications. Growth marketing is taking something small and making it viral, which a majority of companies aren’t doing. They still use outdated methods to share their products such as TV and billboards with no measurable ROI.

Using Growth Marketing

“Growth hacking or marketing is essentially finding the right audience to place your product or service in front of at the right time. It’s then being able to measure the outcome and impact of doing so,” Kale said.

This type of marketing is what has grown Influencive to one of the top 60,000 websites visited in the States and 350K in Facebook followers in less than a year. Using these types of tactics and positioning puts you in front of the right audience at the right time and we’ve been seeing the outcomes of how effective this is. We still see a lot of companies doing this wrong and the result is a ton of marketing waste.

Kale said, “You need to set two metric based goals for your company that solves your two biggest issues and achieve them in the following month and stick to it. Don’t convolute, don’t pivot and don’t add any more. When you have the right goals you need to find the most creative or intelligent way about solving them. Growth marketing is measuring the success of your attempts and finding the ways to multiply your growth from your previous efforts.”

Success is about conquering self-doubt

Finally, Kale said “All endeavours have a certain amount of risk, but it is how you perceive this risk and deal with it. You need to ask yourself if I do this and fail what will change versus if I do nothing at all. Anything that requires effort almost certainly has a risk but you need to be objective when measuring what you stand to gain versus doing nothing at all.”

Risks are inherent in any task you do in life. It is just you’ve repeated the task so many times you’re comfortable with it. Walking was risky as a toddler but you didn’t stop, learning to drive was risky as a teenager but you still do it now. Perseverance breeds success and fortune favours the bold.  Learning to change your mind to normalize failure and risk will allow you to achieve much more.

We found his story amazing. If you want to learn more about Kale, tweet at him on Twitter, say hello on Instagram, or check out his growth marketing agency, K&J Growth Hackers.

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