Entrepreneur Rishab Bhatt Envisions to Alleviate the Global Water Crisis through Simple.Savr

According to statistics, about 800 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. Many charities and organizations have tried to alleviate this crisis, but it is most unusual to see a tech company have a mission to provide clean drinking water to people who cannot access it. This is the mission of Simple.Savr, a file and text sharing site founded by software engineer Rishab Bhatt.

Bhatt, an entrepreneur and Software Engineering student at Western University in Canada, developed an interest in technology as a child and started watching YouTube videos on web design to learn how to develop websites. By the time he joined high school, Bhatt could create sophisticated websites on his own.

One of the websites that he created, Simple.Savr, grew into a global phenomenon with over sixty thousand monthly users from all over the world. Simple.Savr is an encrypted text and file-sharing website that allows users on the same network to share text and files without having to install any additional software. All a user has to do is paste the file or text on the website, and it will immediately be available on their network. For instance, you can paste something on your laptop and immediately access it on your phone just by visiting the website’s homepage.

“Initially, I developed the site for personal reasons, as I wanted to share links and files with my brother easily. Later, I made it publicly available after I realized that it could be useful to thousands of people,” says Bhatt. “All the data is encrypted, and no one outside your network can access it.”

In addition to providing people with an easy and safe way to share files and text, Bhatt’s mission is to help provide clean drinking water to people all over the world.

“There are millions of people in the world with no access to clean drinking water, and my main mission is to help raise awareness of this crisis and raise funds to help organizations that help provide clean water to people who need it most,” he explains.

Bhatt does this by donating 40% of Simple. Savr’s ad revenue to UNICEF to aid in the supply of clean water all over the world. While Simple.Savr does not accept any money or donations directly to support this cause; they work with charities such as The Water ProjectUNICEF, and Water.org by giving people who donate to the charities a small gift to encourage more donations to them.

Bhatt’s mission to help provide clean drinking water worldwide is a noble one that will undoubtedly improve the lives of many globally.

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