Erdem Bozkurt Shares How His Father Inspired Him to Leap into the Entrepreneurial World

Carving a niche in the market is not an easy task, but most entrepreneurs do their best to fit into the market. It takes a unique mind to sense opportunity where none exist. Such is the story of Erdem Bozkurt, who took inspiration from his father to jump into the entrepreneurial world, and has not looked back since.

Erdem has been in the field of rosary making for the past 30 years. He started out under his father as an apprentice rosary maker when he was only a little boy. “My father taught me the art, how each bead is balanced and weighted before being threaded through. I feel like the beads and their shadows convey my emotions and my thoughts. I still make rosaries because I love doing it,” said Erdem. Nine years ago, he started selling rosaries on the internet. The amazing thing about this is that he ended up creating the market for rosaries himself when he started selling. Since then, he has turned into an entrepreneur, become a rosary master, and has been selling rosaries all over the world on his own. “My rosaries are the best quality ones available for a wide customer base. They are natural and legal, and the quality is good enough to make me well-known in Turkey and even in Europe,” said Erdem.

Since he started this market on his own, most all the other businesses that came up in the market around him were indebted to Erdem for their inspiration. Without his vision, they never would’ve been able to start their own business. Erdem’s work has inspired thousands of people worldwide. It has even made him a household name in his native country of Turkey. His fame as a rosary master has even reached Europe. On social media alone, his live streams have been viewed with love and liked with satisfaction by hundreds of thousands of people over the years.

“There is a huge number of live interviews that I have recorded with a lot of TV channels and programs. My live streams on Instagram or Facebook have led to a lot of views. So much so, that a lot of TV News channels have since then asked for an interview with me,” said Erdem. His work is the result of his father’s influence. With it, he wants to help all the animals without a home.

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