Eren Legend is Taking the World by Storm

Eren Legend, a natural World Champion and Professional Athlete, a Trainer of Celebrities, a Fashion Designer, and a Published Writer and Public Speaker…

Mr. Legend, a renaissance man, has a passion to fulfill his purpose of “doing it all” in life!

Legend, also an actor has appeared on Television in Commercials, Live Fitness TV Appearances, Public Speaking engagements even Music Videos, he not only loves to help others with their fitness but also build their businesses and brands!

Eren has helped hundreds of friends and clients launch their own successful brands! 

He is known for being a serial entrepreneur and has an impressive roster of “whos who” in his rolodex.

Mr. Legend has established his name across the world as a recognizable, respected and highly requested Fitness Trainer! His clients have seen much success too in their fitness goals but also in the world of fitness competitions.

Legend earned the title of Canada’s first Physique World Champion, this catapulted his name globally and has garnered the attention of multiple brands and even the interest of other Celebrities looking to achieve the same “Legendary” stature.

Eren is accredited for working with the stars of American Gods (tv series) Ricky Whittle & Pablo Schrieber for the second season of the popular show!

Legend states “It was literally my job to make these guys look like ‘Gods’ over the course of our 4 months together on set for the second season!”

Legend has shifted gears and put his emphasis on his Legend Fitted apparel brand! 

His passion for fashion and design has truly come to life through this clothing brand!

Legend launched the urban streetwear brand in 2013.

Having grown to become a globally recognized brand, the Legend Fitted Apparel brand has had many celebrities interested in sharing their support for the line.

The list includes UFC LightWeight Champion Jon Bones, UFC Fighter Anthony Rumble Johnson, among others.

Eren Legend is currently prepared to redefine and relaunch the Legend Fitted with new designs, releasing a line of refreshing and unique collections in the Spring of 2021.

The electric trainer is now looking forward to providing services for film studios and actors looking forward to personalized training for the very best.

Be sure to follow Eren Legend’s rise as he continues to take the world by storm!






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