Eric Dalius Throws Light On The Positive Effects Of Social Media Marketing

The entire world is going through turmoil due to the pandemic Covid -19.  Work from home is the new normal of many organizations, and in this scenario, technology had played a vital role. Without the help of technology, work from home could not bear such fruitful results. Also, in the case of businesses, technology plays a very vital role. For all kinds of marketing strategies, brands need to use technology to get the best results.

Role of social media in marketing

Currently, almost half of the world’s population has a social media presence and they are online mostly throughout the day. Instead of traditional shopping, people are mostly indulging in online shopping through various platforms. As a result, EJDalius says that it has become a powerful marketing platform where most business companies endorse their brands. Through social media usage, companies can reach out to many people within a short period. It saves their time and substantial labor costs.

Positive effects of social media marketing

Let us look into some of the positive effects of social media marketing on different kinds of business:

  • Support any format: Social media supports any form. Companies can freely use any text, videos, or pictures to uphold their brands and make them look attractive to users. An indefinite number of users can easily share posts worldwide within a few hours.
  • Creates brand awareness: We often come across different unknown brands with quality products on social networking sites. Social media offers vast opportunities for newcomer brands to show their creativity through such different kinds of promotions. It is creating brand awareness where the users will buy goods from the upcoming brands.
  • Maintaining brand loyalty: When a customer prefers to buy different goods from a particular brand, it is evident that they are loyal to the company. Customers maintain brand loyalty through repeat purchases. Brands use new slogans, color themes, and beautiful logos to attract existing customers to keep their loyalty.
  • Influence on customer service: According to Eric J Dalius, when a person buys a particular product, they tend to post the review on their social media profiles. For instance, if you buy a product and are not satisfied with the product quality, you will write about it on social media platforms. Thus customers do not have to reach out to the customer care executive. Writing on the social media platform is an easier way to attract the company’s attention.
  • Check on competitors: Earlier, the companies were not able to know about the products of their rivals. But now, EJ Dalius says that with the help of social media, one can indeed go through and check their rival’s products. Brands can use it to understand how they can approach and attract customers.

Social media and the latest technologies play a vital role in brand marketing policies. Without the help of technology, marketing would have come to a standstill; both factors go hand in hand.

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