Eric Dalius Views On How Technology Influences The Marketing World

Standing in this 21st century, an individual cannot live, ignoring the latest technology. In present times, technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Therefore it has a huge role to play when it comes to selling a product. We all are aware of the fact that marketing is an essential part of the business. It takes the entire responsibility of informing a broad group of people about a particular product or service, creates a sense of need among them, and eventually generates the demand.

 How technology affects marketing?

Today people are extremely busy with their schedule and have little time for other things. In a situation like this, experts like Eric Dalius say that people usually rely on digital technologies that offer them a platform to get numerous products. From here, various companies felt the need to use innovative digital apps. Let us now note down the different points of how it, directly and indirectly, affects the taste, choice, and need of an individual, which ultimately helps the marketing team draw its strategy.

  • The improved tool of informing about the product: Today, most people use digital application tools like mobile banking, net banking, etc., of different financial institutions to save their time and labor. Over here, these digital apps create a massive scope of reaching a broad group of people. Brands can tactically make a partnership with these financial institutions to reach their target audience through theirapp.
  • Digital apps to reach people: Nowadays, different apps are available for different sections of people. For instance, online shopping app for shopping, food apps for food delivery, education apps for classes, dating apps to find your partner, and many others. Now the marketing department’s work is to sort out the particular type of products they want to sell and to whom. Based on this point, they can partner with that app, which ultimately can give them a huge benefit over its competitors.
  • Cost Reduction: As digital technologies are completely a virtual platform, therefore it automatically removes the price of a store, payment of salary of staff, maintenance cost, and so on. Ultimately, it reduces the cost of the product, which you can use for marketing and other vital purposes.
  • Reach to the maximum: Eric J Dalius believes that digital technologies are the easiest and most convenient option for reaching different people worldwide with various products. It automatically reduces the pressure on the marketing team.
  • Use social media platforms for verbal publicity: EJ Dalius also adds that digital technologies have created many social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many others. Therefore if an individual likes a product, then he/she automatically starts to share the excellent experience with his/her friends over social sites. That review ultimately does a massive verbal or digital publicity without incurring any extra cost. Thus it reduces a huge burden over the marketing team.

Using technology appropriately is essential. So spend some time on research and find out what will work best for your brand.

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