Ethan Duran’s Journey from Humble Beginnings to Establishing Corsa Auto Rentals as a Leading Brand

It is often said that talent and hard work play vital roles in the quest for success. While both attributes are essential, they share a fascinating relationship with one another. Ethan Duran is an excellent example of a talented young entrepreneur whose penchant and drive to work hard are unparalleled. His dedication and business acumen resulted in Corsa Auto Rentals dominating the exotic car rental space. He firmly believes that nothing can beat talent, especially when it works hard. Duran practices what he preaches, and his journey is a testament to that truth.

Business as a Labor of Love

Duran had a deep-seated love for automobiles, and perhaps it was this innate desire that pushed him towards building a successful business in this sector and do it better than the stalwarts in the segment. Though Duran is a diverse industry experienced entrepreneur, nothing made him taste success like his business in exotic car rentals.

At present, Duran spends all his waking hours working on Corsa Auto Rental Miami, Corsa Models, Corsa Water Sports, and Corsa Media. He also believes in sharing his knowledge with others who have dreams to reach the skies, just like he did, but are clueless as to how to get there, just as Duran was even a few years ago. “My most successful second venture has been an Exotic Car Rental Academy. It’s a course and a group where I teach people how to be successful in the business. I am helping others who feel the same way I felt, by being the only person in the business teaching the business,” says Duran.

With students worldwide, Duran has been able to grow Corsa Auto Rental worldwide with his top students’ help and is the founder of the numero uno Exotic Car Rental Referral System in the business.

Struggles of Early Life 

Growing up in a debt-ridden family with a single mother who shouldered all responsibilities, Duran knew the value of money matters from a very young age. Today, he has made his mother proud by settling her dues and helping her found her own local business. Duran still feels that he has a long way to go and is yet to embark on a steep learning curve to grow bigger. He places client relationships as the cornerstone for his success.

Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Duran strives to become a role model for his community and mentor his people on the art of doing profitable business.

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