Evi Siskos: World Traveler TV Host

Have you ever wondered what the life of world-traveling TV hosts is like? What happens when the lights go off, and the camera is not rolling anymore? Thanks to social media’s boom, we are now able to go behind the scenes and learn more about these TV hosts we have come to know and care for through the screen.

Evi Siskos, a world traveler TV host, is one of those who takes us behind the scenes and shares a little bit more about her life through her social media accounts — mainly through her Instagram account with more than 95.5K followers.

Born and raised in New York, Evi Siskos graduated from Montclair University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. She was always interested in traveling and exploring the world, which is why she also studied Mandarin at Shanghai Normal University in China.

In order to become a woman of the world, Siskos knew she had to expand her knowledge, immerse herself in other countries, and learn more about different cultures. Her dream was fulfilled when she became a world traveler TV host.

As a Greek Dominican — who later married an Israeli man — Siskos grew up knowing how important it is to respect every culture and represent it in the media. That is why she decided to combine her passions and dreams by pursuing an acting career that led to her becoming a NY Emmy Nominated TV host for her work on Telemundo in 2016. She has also played different roles on several TV shows, including Zoe in Don’t Know Jack and a basketball player’s wife on Law & Order: Special Victims Units and being featured on SMASH.

But something that makes Siskos stand out from other TV hosts, co-hosts, and actresses is the connection she has established with her fans through social media.

Besides her large number of Instagram followers, she currently has 2M followers on Facebook, sharing videos and photos behind the scenes. Nowadays, her millions of followers can see her traveling the world alongside her son and husband while she continues to host Conéctate y Explora on Display TV.

This unique connection she has established with her fan base allows fans worldwide to get a better understanding of what the life of a world traveler TV host looks like. A life many dream of but are unable to reach. Siskos makes it more accessible by sharing daily photos and videos of the different places she gets to visit with the show’s crew.

You can see her exercising, enjoying beautiful beaches, doing her makeup, and playing with her son — activities that make her life look real and help her followers enjoy what the world has to offer through her own experiences.

Sometimes we turn the TV on and come across hosts who seem to be living the best life, traveling around the world. We see a life we all dream of. After years of hard work and dedication, Evi Siskos now gets to enjoy that life as an award-nominated, world-traveling TV host who utilizes her social media platforms to share life, the world, and other cultures with her large number of followers. She is proof that dreaming big and working towards your goals can help you live the life you have always dreamed of.

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