Exclusive Cultivation Methods Used by Cannabiotix Set Their Cannabis Strains Apart from Others

Being in the cannabis industry for two decades will lead to most people becoming experts. That is the case of the team behind boutique cannabis company Cannabiotix. Often stylized as CBX, the two leading expert cultivators behind it (Neema Samari and J.B.) have even been listed in High Times’  Top 100 Most Inflential People in Cannabis. This is thanks to their use of exclusive cultivation methods when growing their cannabis strains.

Craft cultivation methods ensure CBX produces consistent premium cannabis products. They make sure to pay attention to all of the little things involved in the process of cultivating cannabis. Being intimately familiar with their strains, some of which have been continuously grown since the 2000s, has helped the company refine yields and quality. Detailed strain logs ensured every strain received its own customized attention.

Gone are the days when the team behind CBX was operating clandestine grows in bedrooms and garages. Today, it has significantly scaled its grows by cultivating cannabis in massive licensed commercial warehouses. With the help of its veteran cultivators, it can produce award-winning cannabis with each harvest.

Besides mastering cannabis cultivation, Cannabiotix has implemented a series of quality control practices. They understand that cannabis cultivation does not end when the plants are cut down. In fact, they believe what happens after this step is one of the most overlooked steps within the cannabis industry today.

Preserving as many of the trichomes as possible is the key to producing the premium cannabis CBX sells. To ensure this occurs, all of their harvested flower is dried in absolute darkness. Everything is hang-dried in the traditional way. Additionally, dry rooms are extensively monitored to make sure the conditions are the optimal ones throughout the drying and curing process. Once the flower buds are fully dried, there is no groping done during the trimming process. This is thanks to their hand trimmers using a unique “revolve the stem” technique, ensuring every bud retains the maximum amount of THC-rich trichomes throughout the manicuring process.

By taking these diligent steps, Cannabiotix has cemented itself in a league of its own, delivering extraordinary cannabis flower buds that glisten and are resin-rich. The level of care and attention to detail CBX has in its cultivation process is unparalleled.

There are no cutting corners with this company. Everything they do is deliberate and intentional. Even their packaging process is done by hand as opposed to using automated machinery. This hand-sorting and weighing guarantee an ideal mix of premium buds get placed into every one of their jars. Additionally, it ensures that every nug gets handled gently so that it has the maximum number of trichomes possible. Any buds that are too small to meet their standards are ground and rolled up right away into their pure flower pre-roll joints.

Founded in 2014, Cannabiotix believes it is only getting started, and plans to continue refining and optimizing its cannabis to ensure it has the highest-quality products on the market.

Head over to their website to learn more. You can also follow them on Instagram @cannabiotix.

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