Exploring The humanitarian Aspect of Law with Leading Lawyer Hamad Al –Yafei

Exploring the humanitarian aspect of law with leading Lawyer Hamad Al –Yafei

Being a lawyer seems to have gotten a bad rep thanks to its portrayal in a villainous light on the big screen. On the contrary, leading lawyer Hamad Al- Yafei shows how it is not always about bad black suits, debauched preferences, or bad manners by exploring the humanitarian aspect of law. Let’s delve.

Wonderful calling

A career in law can be a great calling and offer a plethora of opportunities to help others. It offers immense job satisfaction that may be deficient in other professions. Al- Yafei further elaborates that being an advocate is a noble career as it gives the opportunity to make peoples’ world a better place. Being a lawyer has given Al- Yafei the chance to make a positive difference in society. Al- Yafei shares, “When I see the smiles on my client’s faces after I have ironed out the wrinkles in their lives, I feel immense joy and get inspired to continue to help sort out people’s grievances.” To uphold the humanitarian side of the law without injustice is the duty of every lawyer.

Helping others

Whether one is interested in family, business, ecological, or civil rights, there are many occasions where one can use legal expertise to help people, animals, and the environment. Al- Yafei asserts that lawyers are in a position to ensure the safety and security of individuals, groups, companies, as well as the voiceless — like little kids, animals, and of course Mother Earth. As a lawyer, Al- Yafei is always looking to promote human welfare through his legal skills. He takes pride (but humbly) in having a chance to further public welfare and have a significant impact on the way the world functions. He shares, “While in the legal profession, we get to take up pro-bono work. It goes a long way in helping the needy and underprivileged members of the community from children and victims of abuse to old people and the marginalized. This aspect is important as not all can afford the services of a lawyer. I’m thankful to the bar associations that mandate the lawyers to take up a certain number of pro bono work every year.”

On a concluding note, Hamad Al- Yafei advises aspiring lawyers to be aware of the unique position they’re going to get into and use their power for the welfare of others without corruption and prejudice against anyone and towards oneself.

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