Eyefuel PR CEO Jared Sanborn on How Your Strategy Needs to Be Realistic, Doable, and Flexible

People might think they have come up with the perfect plan, but perfection is a lofty goal as we are only human. Taper things down to an ideal plan for your needs or follow Jared Sanborn’s advice and keep your plan plausible. This way, you can add on instead of feeling like you need to take away from an idea.

A serial entrepreneur, Sanborn is the founder and CEO of EyefuelPR.com, a New York-based digital marketing agency. This company provides services such as brand awareness and image building, public relations, lead generation, and is even working on a secret project Sanborn states will change the market research landscape.

Sanborn’s mindset is as unconventional as it is impressive. He has worked at every level of digital marketing and has been in this field for some time. In fact, he has freelanced in marketing, promotions, public relations, branding, and SEO techniques since MySpace was the dominant social media platform. This extensive experience has taught him valuable business lessons and earned him the reputation of a visionary tactician in his field.

For example, one of Sanborn’s philosophies is to grind: get going, goal setting, growing, and go-getting! This is a plausible plan since it is a reasonable starting point and can be built upon. Sanborn also views plans as dynamic rather than static with the excellent advice of “plan for the plan to change.” If you think you have a perfect plan, you will be less likely to accept this reality. Those with a reasonable goal will be happy to alter it to become better and work for, rather than against them.

Dynamic planning means constant critical thinking, growing based on new information, and seeking out-of-the-box solutions for an array of challenges. Judgment also dramatically affects plans, but Sanborn sees the value in poor judgment, as it is a learning tool for attaining good judgment. Finally, there are five elements to developing any type of plan: communication, understanding, leadership, scaling, and basic math. Do not overlook that last point, as no business can run without basic math.

Plausible, not perfect plans allow companies to be fluid and adapt if and when necessary. It is a way to avoid the dreaded ‘boxed-in scenario.’ Dynamic strategies make it easier for a business to learn and grow by considering multiple courses of action. As we live in an ever-changing world, a company that can quickly adapt to these changes has a formidable advantage over those who cannot.

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