Fahda Romie Is Determined to Change the Music Scene for the Better in the Coming Years

There are many individuals in this world who aim for a certain thing, work towards it and even achieve success at their endeavors; while there are many others, who achieve that momentum in life only after some life-altering incidents in their life and after realizing their true potential after failing at things first. Belonging to the latter category is a rising rapper in the Middle East named Fahda Romie, who originally is a Jamaican named Jerome Downes, but the one who has left no stone unturned to create his legacy in music with his rap and songs.

Since life is a journey and it makes each and every individual walk this difficult path to ultimately make them realize what their true calling is. Life also placed many hurdles in the way for Fahda Romie, but this Jamaican youngster always held his head high and kept walking his path, fell down with failures yet did not stop walking. This quest of his to do something great in the music scene helped him to work relentlessly towards his aim and thus today, as a rising rapper and artist he is all geared up to release his EP on December 31st, 2020.

He had shifted to Dubai in late 2017 and initially worked as a waiter at a famous West Indian concept restaurant. But, he felt passionate about music and writing and hence focused his energies on it. He got even more inspired after a producer sent him some instrumentals on which this youngster gave his voice over on one particular beat; however, what he wrote in December 2017 was not recorded until early 2019. The song ‘The Journey’ initially garnered great appreciation but later lost its spark. He had by then even distributed his single independently on Distrokid and was even discouraged for the same.

While he was still trying to come to terms with this downfall, he got offered another opportunity, where he wrote another beautiful song and recorded it in his bedroom with the help of an audio engineer named Jakob. The song named ‘Recommend’ achieved great feedback and appreciation. Fahda Romie even sent the track to his friend and music producer Chad who mixed and mastered the track and when Fahda Romie heard it, he instantly fell for the song. This upped his confidence to release it on several major music platforms.

Again after a point, he received feedback where he realized he needed to improve upon the mixing and mastering of music. This led him to meet Rastarocket, a very experienced Jamaican musician who saw the potential of the youngster and decided to coach and mentor him in his journey. Fahda Romie learned many new things and kept practicing musical art and improved his craft. They together created many tracks consistently; however, again, the youngster was at crossroads when Rastarocket decided to move back to the US.

However, Fahda Romie, instead of losing hope, decided to further work upon his craft and set up his own home studio for recording his music. Along the journey, he even met Codelank, a famous producer in Jamaica who helped Fahda Romie with music production. Both of them worked upon many tracks in different genres and today, Fahda Romie is all geared up to release some of them through his upcoming EP slated to release this December. It consists of many groovy tracks like Quasar Freestyle, Sheikh up di place, Recommend, East Rave, Vortex, Program, and Drilling.

The kind of momentum this young upcoming music and rap star has already created for himself; we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the music game across the Middle East in the coming years.

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