Failure Became The Road To Realization For Entrepreneur Andrew Giorgi

Failures can be blessing in disguise

As an entrepreneur, it can be incredibly difficult to find one’s lane in an industry, and, for many, failures define the past on a road to big success. Andrew Giorgi, a dropshipping and wholesale business expert from Indiana, went through failed ventures and unsatisfying choices on his way to becoming a multiple-month, six-figure earner.

2017 found him working a heavy equipment operator job that turned into selling weed, Twitch streaming, and YouTube content creation and eventually led him to discover the dropshipping and wholesale industry.

Andrew discussed what got him to this point of success saying and what advice he would give young entrepreneurs saying, “do not listen to anyone but yourself. You know what is best for you and what you want to do. Try as much as possible. I tried 7+ different types of businesses in different niches and areas before I became successful at one.

You need to be willing to try things you have an intuition on, that you will enjoy. Also, be very unemotional in business. When I was building my book business, in four months I had built everything up and had done over $50k in revenue in just 4 months. I left that business model as soon as I knew that it was

something I did not want to do long term, based on certain aspects the business required. I did not care that I had just spent every waking minute working on the business or making it better. I only cared about doing what I would love and being able to put myself in the best possible position long term and if selling books was not it, then I would find something that was. Look at all of the lessons and knowledge you gained from your trials and experiences rather than what you are ‘losing.’”

Betting on and believing in himself has taken Andrew to points he only dreamed of and now he helps others on that journey by educating and mentoring others through programs and courses. He teaches people who are not financially able to invest in an automation package or just simply want to learn the business model themselves and eventually create an automated source of income.

As he teaches and guides, Andrew also instills the values of a successful entrepreneur. He explains, “It takes the correct mindset, relentless work ethic, persistence, faith in yourself and your capabilities, and the ability to be the creator of solutions to the problems you face inside of your journey, to be a successful entrepreneur. It takes being able to silence out all of the noise and distractions and listen to your gut and intuition.” These are the lessons Andrew has learned and he hopes others can follow in his footsteps to set themselves up for similar growth. He concludes, “doors open if you put yourself in the position for them to.”

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