Fall Down Seven Times, Get up Eight

How can someone stay positive and optimistic when they encounter many failures at a young age? Arie Scherson offers a powerful example of how to stay positive and grow, even through difficult times.

First, let’s rewind a little. Minneapolis, Minnesota may not seem like a very inspiring place for young business owners to get their start: The cold winters alone may prevent many people from networking! However, Arie Scherson used this fact as a means to begin building an entrepreneurial career. Even though he has many hobbies and has enjoyed good friendships in his hometown, Arie also struggled to find something he was truly passionate about. Anxious about finding a life path as a young student, Arie tried several common opportunities to earn money online.

Arie tried penny stock trading, ultimately losing 20% of his original investment. When that occurred, he looked into less risky ventures, such as affiliate marketing with websites he had built. However, this, too, was not a success partly due to the oversaturated market. Next, he tried advertising on Facebook, which resulted in a significant loss of his own modest savings.

However, Arie sees these as constructive failures. For him, the benefit of these experiences showed him that he was truly passionate about eCommerce. He decided to put all of his time and effort into pursuing eCommerce, determined to find success. Ultimately partnering with his close friend Tyler Vogt, Scherson began to see more success as he entered the realm of dropshipping.

Dropshipping, a business model that focuses on retail arbitrage, has become more popular in recent years since almost anyone can set up a website and begin selling. The draw is that business owners can enter retail without any inventory: The customer orders the item(s) from the business owner, and the manufacturer ships them directly to the customer. Since the stores compete by offering outstanding customer service compared to larger-scale retailers, many are able to find a small niche and earn money from it.

This was how Arie Scherson’s business turned around. Although he prefers to keep the names of his stores confidential because of the cutthroat nature of dropshipping, his stores have generated over half a million dollars of revenue so far in 2018. Dropshipping success has led to Arie developing a personal brand, including a YouTube channel to inspire other entrepreneurs. However, he stresses that the road to success has not been all positive, even though those failures helped him gain clarity and success.

In his own words, Scherson states that both failure and teamwork were critical to his success. “I realized that the journey to success was going to be much harder than I anticipated and that if I truly wanted to reach my goals as fast as possible, I would need help. This is when I decided to invite my friend, Tyler, who has been my business partner ever since, to join me on my eCommerce store.” Describing this as “one of the best decisions of my life,” Scherson illustrates how sometimes, failure and humility are necessary to achieve success. For people who might be struggling with their success and second-guessing themselves, Scherson’s story proves that there are better times ahead.

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