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Fall in Love With Your Feet through Barefoot Stimulation with Naboso Recovery Socks

Barefoot stimulation improves the connection between the brain and foot. The sole of our foot is rich in nerve endings that send sensory information to our brain, which is ultimately used to prepare the proper muscle responses.

That’s why Naboso recovery socks Founder Dr. Emily Splicha, Functional Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, has spent over 20 years in the fitness industry dedicated to studying postural alignment and human movement related to barefoot science foot core integration and sensory integration.

We naturally draw to muscles contracting and joints moving when we think of human movement. Or, in the case of foot function, we’re quick to consider high arches, supination, pronation, and mechanics of flat feet. However, every step we take affects forces that enter our feet as vibrations.

If our orthotics or footwear disconnects us from sensory stimulation, it can weaken our foot and make us susceptible to Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures. Naboso’s product lines have a rich collection of insoles, socks, mats, etc., which effectively stimulates nerves in your feet and benefits from human performance.

Moreover, insoles improve alignment and minimize invertor muscle force Naboso’s foot recovery socks act like a mini-massage for feet, release muscles and fascia and stimulate nerves, which is much needed after a hard workout or a long tiring day! Their neuro ball, split into two domes, provides trigger point release and sensory stimulation.

Another best product Naboso offers is their sensory sticks, enhancing the grip and releasing foot and hand stiffness. Furthermore, employing repetitive stimulation protocols substantially improves haptic, tactile, and sensorimotor performance. According to research, stroke patients given sensory stimulation healed faster with a significant difference in balance and mobility. 

Start your recovery journey by visiting Naboso’s website at!

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