Fast Food Workers Are Going Viral on Tik Tok

Quite literally everyone is taking advantage of the potential traffic Tik Tok can bring you. From fast-food workers and small businesses to chiropractors and dentists, I’ve seen it all. People (including myself) love to see the behind-the-scenes of everyday jobs. When you buy a sundae at Coldstone you typically don’t get to see how their ice cream is actually made, but that is all changing with Tik Tok.

Here are some of the most popular fast-food workers making waves on TikTok.

@DJLemay2 – Coldstone Creamery

It is no secret that Dylan Lemay has pioneered “Food Tik Tok.” He’s attracted a massive fanbase for his unique and extremely creative ice cream videos at Coldstone Creamery. His videos have amassed him a rapidly growing audience of over 8.6 million followers on Tik Tok. Dylan recently quit his job as a manager at his local Coldstone and has been traveling to different ice cream shops and small businesses to collaborate with them.

@MiladFromSubway – Subway

Milad Milghahari better known as “Milad from Subway” on social media is making a huge statement for the Subway franchise. His oddly satisfying sub-making videos have built up one of the most loyal followings I have seen on Tik Tok so far. Milad once even did a “story time” about a time when UFC champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov applied for a job at his parents Subway franchise in 2011. 

@MorgannBook – Dairy Queen

Morgann Book is a shift supervisor at her parents Dairy Queen located in Ancaster, Ontario. Her behind-the-scenes videos showing the process of making frozen treats have transformed her parents business into one of Dairy Queen’s most famous locations. Books’ videos have been recognized all around the world with customers willing to travel quite a distance to get their cake made by Morgann.

Her parents only opened the Ancaster Dairy Queen last year and her dad, Ryan Book, told that ice cream cake sales are up 15% – 18% because of Morgann’s social media presence.

@RocioNajera – Starbucks

Rocio Najera is an employee of Starbucks where she currently serves as a barista and creates content around her making drinks on Tik Tok. Najera often tries to take advantage of her spare time in-between serving customers to film a variety of different videos. Most of her Tik Toks include engaging storylines, which often make up a series. 

Are you also addicted to watching food videos on Tik Tok? 

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