Feeling Lost In Life? Here Are 13 Things to Remember

With so many different decisions to make, so many unknowns making us question our existence, and one too many responsibilities to juggle, our vision can sometimes become foggy. As human beings, we want to know all the answers, but unfortunately, life just doesn’t really work that way.

We simply have to do our best with what we’ve been given and try each and every day to live life according to our own principles and beliefs. However, this is easier said than done because life is like a complicated forest without any warning signs or tracks. And sometimes, we can feel like we’re standing in the middle of it all without any idea of how we got there, where we’re going next, or if we’re just going to have to stay put in hopes that someone will come to the rescue. 

Here are 13 things to remember when you’re feeling lost in life:

Recognize That It’s Okay!

The truth is that there are times we just need to be alone. But if you’ve always been accustomed to being in contact with people, this may prove to be a little bit of a challenge. 

However, learning how to be alone while being comfortable in your own skin will give you confidence and a sense of self-reliance.

Many people cheat themselves out of the opportunity to become self-reliant when they look for constant companionship. Learn how to embrace your ‘me” time and recognize that it’s perfectly ‘okay’ to be alone. 

You Aren’t the Problem

You view the world around you as this big ball of energy, and everyone in your life seems to possess this big ball of energy inside them. How? Why? What makes you so different, and why don’t you feel the way they do?

You can’t blame yourself. It’s not you, and it’s not them. Life can just get a little sucky sometimes, and that’s all there is to it. When you’re feeling lost, remember that you aren’t the problem, and you shouldn’t convince yourself that you are.

Endings and Beginnings Come Together

Life isn’t a constant river – it’s full of boxes and events, of walls, windows, and doors that open and shut. We are the saddest when a part of our life comes to an end, whether that be a relationship, a job, school. But we must remember that right after an ending, there will always be a new beginning. What that new beginning may bring – no one knows – but it’s there, and something new will happen. 

Being You Is Okay

In some instances, the biggest thing holding us down is the fear that we’re doing absolutely nothing meaningful with our lives. That we have reached our peak, and everything from moving forward will be stagnant or stale. 

And yes – that may be true…

But you know what? Being you isn’t something to get upset or cry about, and being where you are isn’t something that you should ever regret. Sure, you may not be where you’d like to be in your life at this specific point in time, but you still have a beautiful life to live, things to do, and choices to make.

Make the most of what you have every day and find happiness in your own way. 

Everyone Tends to Feel a Little Lost

The biggest lie we all tell ourselves when we feel alone and lost is that no one else has ever felt what we feel now. 

We tend to isolate ourselves because we are ashamed of the enormity of our guilt and self-loathing, but do you want to know something? We have all felt this way. 

Reach out and open up – your tough, guarded, and complex feelings aren’t as tough as you may think they are. Get the help you need because everyone will understand. 

It’s Okay to Feel

When we feel confused and sad, some of us have a tendency to shut those feelings away, burying them down deep.

We convince ourselves that our emotions are the enemy and the best way to stop feeling so lost is to stop feeling completely. But that’s extremely unhealthy for our emotional health and mentally draining, to say the least. Express, feel, and embrace the pain within you – only then will you ever be able to get over it.  

Just ‘Accept’

Feel, heal, and accept. Accept the tears, the sorrow, the emptiness, and the void deep inside you. Accept that life isn’t this great big garden of roses you were taught it would be as a child. Accept that pain is a healthy part of existence, and to exist is to feel; feel joy, happiness, love, and grief, pain, and sadness. 

When you begin to accept, the feelings will stop being so terrifying. The scary monsters lurking in the dark will melt away because they know they can no longer intimidate or frighten you. You reclaim your mind and start living the way you want. 

Meltdowns Are Okay

In worst-case scenarios, we experience meltdowns and emotional breakdowns. We become temporary hurricanes of sadness, and everything that stands in our path gets crushed by our grief. And after these brief moments of insanity, we then become ashamed of what we’ve done and fall even further away into our pit to isolate ourselves from those who could help. Whatever you do when you’re feeling lost, don’t cut yourself off this way because meltdowns and emotional breakdowns are okay. It’s only in these extreme moments of irrationality that we can experience moments of clarity. 

Remember, the greatest rainbows only appear after the greatest storms. 

You Have More Control Than You Think

Typically, when we see ourselves as being lonely or completely lost, it gives us an excuse or outlet to view everything we come in contact with in a negative light. When this happens, it’s easy to put ourselves in ‘victim mode’ when the truth is that you choose your own attitude in every situation. No one can force a feeling upon you. 

Not your parents.

Not your friends.

Not your boss.

It’s YOU who has the ultimate say as to how you choose to feel and react. 

Others Hide Pain From You

Social media can cause emotional suicide if you think about it too much. You see friends and co-workers posting seemingly happy photos and clips of their happy lives – extravagant vacations, big houses, successful relationships, great careers. 

And what do you have? A can of chicken noodle soup and an ex who doesn’t return your calls? 

It’s extremely easy to compare yourself to your peers online, but the reality is that you shouldn’t – no matter how hard this might be. Firstly, they aren’t YOU, and it’s not a fair comparison. They aren’t dealing with the same problems and circumstances that you are, and secondly, they only post their highlights – not their lowlights.  

They don’t share their own problems, insecurities, and pain, which they are sure to have, because they are human, and it’s a part of life. 

Keep Striving to Do Your Best 

Often those who are feeling isolated and lost will develop a defeatist attitude. They’ll do substandard work because their self-esteem is extremely low, and they simply just don’t care. 

Never let this feeling take away from your sense of worth. Always do your best, and when you come through this dark and difficult time, others will admire how you stayed determined in spite of the obstacles you had to overcome. You’ll develop a sense of pride as well for getting through such a difficult time. So keep your chin up and keep striving to do your best. 

There Is Always Tomorrow

When you’re feeling lost, just think ‘tomorrow.’ As bad as today might be, tomorrow is something else and entirely different. Every single day is a new blank slate, carrying with it none of the weight or of the day before. 

Every single day you get a new chance to hit the reset button – to restart, rebuild, to renew who you are. And every day, you are a step closer to doing that. Just wait for tomorrow and make tomorrow the day that these feelings will all change. 

Help Is Available

When you’re feeling lost, lonely, scared, and confused, it’s easy to shut everyone out, but as we mentioned a little earlier – everyone feels this way from time to time. The last thing to remember when you are feeling this way is that you’re not alone and help is available. 

Whether you seek out help from a close friend you trust or a therapist – you have options. 

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Final Thoughts

Feeling lost in many ways can be extremely painful and challenging to deal with at best, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’re experiencing these feelings, remember the 13 things we’ve listed to help find your way back to happiness.

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