Female Leaders: 7 Inspiring Women You Need to Start Following Today

Female leaders

Female entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm, and inspiring many of us to leave our 9-5 and pursue our passions in the process. However, sometimes we all need a little advice to get us moving in the right direction.

These women leaders in business guide the way with their motivating courses, podcasts, and transformational advice. Working their way from the ground up, they show that everything is possible with a little determination and belief. Start following these inspirational female leaders today and get ready to live an extraordinary life, both personally and in business.

1. Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

Do you think you know the true meaning of happiness? Kristina Mand-Lakhiani teaches us how to practice happiness in a way that lets you truly be your authentic self. Her mission to help others has taken her on a spiritual journey as an entrepreneur, speaker, mother, and philanthropist. Along the way she has given inspiring talks all over the world, co-founded ‘Mindvalley’, and created life-changing courses.

One such course is her program7 Days to Happiness”, which takes you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. The course teaches self-love, helping you live an extraordinary life beyond your wildest dreams. Even better, this 7-day ‘video quest’ is free! With her inspiring way with words, it’s no wonder Kristina has become one of the most thought-provoking leaders in business. 

>Join the 7-day happiness journey 

2. Kerri Macaulay

Calling all entrepreneurs on a mission! If you’re looking to be one of the most ‘unstoppable’ leaders in business, look no further than Kerri Macaulay. The marketing consultant, digital business coach, and top-ranking podcast host doesn’t just tell entrepreneurs what to do. Instead, she lives and breathes her own advice, continuously learning from life’s lessons to bring you innovative coaching.

Kerri spent nearly two decades working as an advertising executive for large corporate companies, before realizing that she was just another cog in the machine. Finding the courage to leave made her see that her purpose was to help others do the same.

It might not be easy, but Kerri believes every journey is beautiful, and every problem has an answer. These answers can be found in her podcast ‘Choose Unstoppable’, a podcast designed to help entrepreneurs reach their A-game. She explains the magic ingredient for success, and how to turn your passion into a job. Tune in and listen to entrepreneurs explain how they have achieved success against the odds!

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3. Reelika Schulte

Are you an online coach who is stuck in an endless cycle of freebies and low-paying clients? Reelika Schulte shows you how to get savvy online and attract the high-paying clients you truly deserve!  

Like many of us, Reelika Schulte struggled with low-self esteem and the fear of failure. However, she used this to positively define her future, foundingDesign Dream Lifestyle” and becoming one of the top leaders in business. Growing up in Estonia she watched her parents start their own business after the fall of the Soviet Union as she learned the benefits of a confident entrepreneurial mindset.

Channeling this, she worked alongside her parents, while also juggling her corporate finance career, personal finance blog, and being a full-time single mother. Now she is a certified international business coach and Forbes Coaches Council member who helps other women grow their own online coaching businesses. Her own experience in launching a successful business means she is the perfect mentor for other women looking to do the same!

Design your dream lifestyle

4. Daria Vodopianova

Being an expert in your field takes so much more than just business savvy – it takes knowledge. This is something Daria Vodopianova knows all too well. She has learned firsthand the power of being an authentic businesswoman, and how this can make you stand out from the crowd. In doing so, she has become a successful author, TEDx speaker, and co-founder of the Thought Leadership academy. 

Wanting to provide tools and skills for online coaches and consultants, Daria brings to our earsThe Thought Leadership Podcast”. The strategic weekly show covers everything from leadership styles to attracting your dream clients. This podcast will exceed your expectations and provide invaluable advice. Whether it’s learning how to make 6 figures or cut down your working week, it’ll help you to become one of the top leaders in business!

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5. Avisha Soheili

We’ve all been there- navigating the turbulent waters of online dating. In our modern-day dating world, it can seem hard to avoid heartbreak. That’s where Avisha steps in, with her guide onThe 3 mistakes women should avoid while online dating”. Most importantly, Avisha speaks from her personal experience after learning how to date following her divorce.

There were mistakes, and a funny story or two along the way, but all her dating experiences ignited a passion in her to help other women find love. This inspired her to go back to college and train to be a certified life and relationship coach. Now, she helps women discover who they truly are, empowering them to love themselves and find their ideal relationship in the process.

Follow Avisha’s dating guide, and avoid the classic dating mistakes, so that you too can find love and happiness!

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6. Brittany Harvey

Dreaming of swinging on a hammock while you work remotely? Brittany Harvey is an expert in helping you turn your passion into your full-time remote job. She is a force to be reckoned with, wearing many hats: mother, wife, blogger, host, affiliate marketer, and speaker.

At the age of 30, she left her job to make money doing what she loved. Now she is one of the top women leaders in business, teaching people all over the world how to earn money online – for example, through blogging, websites, and affiliate marketing. 

Her program “Road to Success” provides step-by-step training on how to make money remotely, allowing her clients to make their dream life a reality! And we’re not talking just pennies here. Brittany’s platform teaches entrepreneurs how to make thousands, showing you how to make your own training courses, and providing 24/7 assistance from those already making money via her platform. Jump on the road to success and invest in your happiness and your future!

Check out the ‘Road to Success’ program

7. Gabriala Brown

Gabriala Brown is not your ordinary life coach, she is an innovator in transforming both mental health and physical health. She believes that health begins with what you eat, and this will have a positive knock-on effect, both personally and in business. This is more important than ever, in a world where stress and sugar are regularly intertwined. 

By identifying the ‘toxic spaces’ in your life, Gabriala ensures that you can find healthy replacements that will lead you to total wellness. To do so, she uses a process of visionary brain training. This is for those who want to change their mindsets and need the exact strategy to do so. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an online entrepreneur, consultant, mother, or friend, Gabriala’s technique of visionary brain training is an all-around solution for anyone looking to make their brain healthy and happy.

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