Film Producer Jamel Baines Opens up on His Future Plans in Life

Jamel Baines has played many roles in life. He has been a social media inspiration, producer, actor and entrepreneur. In no time, he has created a special identity for himself as the go-to guy in Hollywood. 

The producer recently talked about his journey in the tinsel town. He said, “The one thing I’m proud of doing is believing in myself and I wish I believe in myself more 15 years ago. We have a chance and we have a choice taking a risk on yourself should be a daily routine.

If it’s pushing you to the better you. Failing more and not questioning is something I should do more, because I know now the quicker I am to fail the quicker I am to Succeed. I tell myself all the time just start Jamel and it’s been working, Because I’ve mastered excuting so now I don’t question I just do!”

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Photo: FX Snowfall actor De’aundre Bonds and Jamel Baines on set of feature film Angie’s Cure

According to Jamel Baines, his journey has not been easy but he believes in moving forward with positivity always. He said,

“Follow your dreams and make no excuses! investing yourself, Start small but dream big! Hustle at your own pace and don’t question your talent, walk in faith and do not be distracted!”

As of now, he has just completed a feature film called Angie’s Cure. He was associated with the project as a co-producer. It should be streaming and in theaters in 2022. He’s also producing two more features, another drama and horror. 

Jamel has many big plans lined up for his future. He said,

“My goal is to brand my name in this industry as someone who paid their dues, someone who is respected in their position and where his word means everything, The rest I can handle from there!”

He added, “Film producer and acting that’s where my focus is right now but I always will be an entrepreneur, in general, I love the opportunity to bring more value to myself and others, so I’m always open.”

You can check out his official website and Instagram.

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