Firat Zan, A Sensational Fitness Model, Entrepreneur, And Social Media Icon

The Turkish model is also a self-made entrepreneur known to provide tips to men and women about fitness.

Firat Zan is a celebrated fitness model, a popular social media icon, and an entrepreneur. From his teenage years, he was a basketball player, making him recognize fitness’s importance. This made him land in the fitness world by sharing his shredded physique pictures, and fitness goals on social media. He created a Facebook page in 2014 that has more than 1.2 million active followers.

His Instagram page also stands at 176k followers. Firat’s fame overgrew as he started recording and putting his fitness journey across social media. With his incredible physique in place, he is now a celebrated fitness icon, role model, and fitness products brand ambassador too.

In the words of Firat Zan, “It was not easy for me to develop this shredded physique after my teenage years. I was a keen and enthusiastic basketball player, which made me drift towards a fitness and exercise regime. It took me a good number of years to train and get my present physique. I must follow the strict diet and give up on the food I love to maintain this shredded body.”

Firat Zan is from Antalya, Turkey, born on 02 October 1990. He became a popular social icon and household name by the year 2019. Moreover, he stands among the richest social media stars, with a net worth of $1.5 million. The fitness icon gives his due to the intense training and sports he played in his early years.

Though genetics also played a vital role, he has a well-maintained bodybuilding training system. He clearly states about his heavy training schedule and giving rest to his muscles two to four days monthly. Firat is not in favor of overtraining and tiring one’s muscles. He has made his muscles naturally by depending on a good diet and sports too.

He has shared his weekly exercise regimen with men and women, including flat and inclines bench press, pullovers, dips, hammer press, decline bench press, hanging leg raises, and weighted sit-ups. Moreover, it also covers side crunches and bends, deadlift, shrugs, machine press, military press behind the neck, and more intense exercises. He also talks about the benefits of walking that helps to de-stress.

About Firat Zan

Firat Zan is an internet sensation and a fitness model from Turkey. He has been training for years and is now a celebrated social media fitness superstar. For more information about Firat and his fitness regimen, visit

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