FitBit Debuts the Charge 2–Following Up the Best-Selling Charge HR

Fitbit has a comprehensive range of around six varying activity trackers, but its bestseller by far is the Charge HR–first launched in 2014. This is their medium-sized wristband that comes with a small display and heart rate sensors. Well, Fitbit has just announced its next iteration–the Charge 2 activity tracker. It is not a surprise as Fitbit CEO James Park announced at their recent earnings call that more products will be released prior to the end of the year. Nonetheless, it is news to find out where Fitbit took this product update.

For starters, the display on the Charge 2 is four times larger. You press one button to go through all the menu options. After that, you tap on the display to link to the sub-menus. The Charge HR does not have sub-menus. The Charge 2 also has “connected GPS.” In addition, the Charge 2 will incorporate your age, gender and weight into calculating your cardio “score.” Moreover, it comes with a breathing feature called “Relax,” which leads you through a 2- or 5-minute breathing exercise. Yet, the Charge 2 costs $149–the same price as the Charge HR. Pre-orders are starting today for shipments by mid-September.


Written by Katrina Manning

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