Fitness Beast Rebecca Ruber on Keeping an Active Life

We know that you have heard it plenty of times before – it is important to stay active. Not just active, but keeping a regular fitness routine, especially during a pandemic, is always a good idea. Why? As actress, model, and workout queen Rebecca Ruber (@rebeccaruber) says, the transformation brought on by fitness is not only a physical one but a mental one. 

Ruber is devoted to a lifestyle that is full and healthy. Part of that includes advocating for animal adoption and motivating people to check in with their mental states. But, it also includes a committed fitness routine, something which she is passionate about and passionate about practicing. 

Ruber, who has appeared in both television and big screen productions such as Billions, Abnormal Attraction, and Limitless, is also one of two hosts of a supernatural and paranormal Podcast, Just Ghouly Things and co-founder of a street-style clothing brand, Bespoke Society

But Ruber also has the time to do something she absolutely loves: to be a fitness trainer, with a soft spot for boxing. She says that a fitness lifestyle has completely changed how she sees life and lives “a more structured and disciplined life for myself. I listen to my body more and I have learned to do what is right for me.”

She has been active all her life, playing soccer, basketball, softball, and tennis to stay active all year round, as a child. But, in 2016, the 24-year-old tried boxing and just a year later, went on to be a boxing instructor. As an instructor, Ruber was truly able to see the benefits of boxing, watching her trainees’ “confidence and self-esteem increase exponentially” due to boxing. 

Ruber doesn’t keep her training and workouts just to the gym, however. She wishes to share a healthy, fit lifestyle with her over 62k followers on Instagram. She likes to provide an extra push and motivation for other fitness lovers through new workout routines. 

The response that she has received from these videos proves how much of a true athlete and adept trainer Ruber is. She says, “I have so many people reaching out to me saying they saved my workout videos and that when they did them, they had one of the most effective workouts of their life!” 

As for those who may think the slender brunette may not have much to offer in terms of workouts, Ruber merely laughs off those who don’t think that women and fitness go together. She says, “I have had plenty of male clients at my gym not want to train with me because I’m a younger female, but once they’ve taken my classes (some of them not even able to make it through a class,) they changed their tone real quick and started training one-on-one with me.” 

Ruber acknowledges that people are realizing the physical prowess of women but believes society still has a lot of work to do in accepting that women can be feminine and a beast at the gym. She is here to keep showing up, to grow within her own strength and fitness, and to support others in their own fitness journey along the way.

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