It’s not often that a person is able to master every element of creative expression and business today. The different demands and requirements of dancing, modeling, acting, and managing a business can be incredibly stressful on an individual; yet, for Ahmed Rhodes, it’s a typical day-in-the-life as he continues to grow and expand his different ventures and avenues.

As a retired UPS Driver and CEO of Rhodes2fitness, Ahmed’s successful fitness business helps individuals around the world to curate the healthy, fit lifestyle they want and crave for themselves. As the epitome of muscular and fit form, commanding an audience of over 18,000 on Instagram that tune into his content related to working out, Ahmed has created a fitness platform that is available to everyone.

In fact, Ahmed is so passionate about fitness that he has competed as a bodybuilder, as well as accepted gigs as a fitness model throughout his tenure. But his modeling doesn’t just stop there. He has been a novel cover model and worked with other big-league brand partnerships that have requested his look and appearance as part of their campaigns.

Taking His Business Into the Affiliate Ranks

Additionally, Ahmed knows the power of affiliate marketing, which is why he is also an affiliate and partner at BEASTFACTORYTM, plus a TV guest host and side hustling master. He is currently working on expanding out his affiliate marketing network while securing more media appearances and features than ever before.

Like the successful men that came before him, Ahmed knows how important it is to have a team of mentors that he can look up to and contact for support. He is presently being mentored by Armand Peri, Founder of Hunk-O-Mania, CEO & founder of Diva Royale and New Age PR Agency; Mike Muse of the Mike Muse Show SiriusXM, Co-host of Sway in the morning at SiriusXM Radio; and Jeff Learner of Entire Nation.

“I know that none of this is possible without leaning on the experts that have come before me, leveraging their personal fitness careers and competitions into formidable, seven and eight-figure brands and platforms today,” said Ahmed. “It’s my goal to now take what I have learned and accomplished and pass it onto my sons, as well as my future mentees. Life is what you want to make of it – everything is available for the taking if you work hard enough to get it.”

Truly a Family Man

At the end of the day, Ahmed is a father to four sons, as well as an incredibly supportive and caring individual to his amazing girlfriend. He is a family man who is intent on providing his sons with support, options, and avenues, so they, too, can realize their professional and entrepreneurial dreams.

Today, Ahmed can be found working as a bespoke personal trainer with high-profile clients, as well as lending his physique and modeling talents to booked parties and events. He also has merch for sale via the BEASTFACTORYTM brand, which can be found at @beastfactorytm on Instagram.

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